Faers, Hoofa and Latenight Honeymoon to play Camden’s Cherry Cola Club

Cherry Cola Club is something of a Camden institution, the rock n roll hangout which epitomises the city whilst at the same tame offering a beautiful alternative to the mundane happenings most average Friday night fixtures have to offer. This week sees Faers, Latenight Honeymoon and Hoofa head to the equally iconic venue, Dingwalls.

Faers’ space like usage of guitars and bass is spectacular, tunes such as “Lust and Youth” and “Everything You Know” wouldn’t sound out of place on the larger stages, equally as catchy and impressive. Latest single “Last of Our Kind” is darker, far more emotive and powerful. Intriguing guitar riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Amazing Snakeheads record mix well with lyricism to create something quite mesmerising. Faers are one of the live stage, their headline Cherry Cola gig may even grow into one of those ‘I was there’ moments.


“Cherry Cola Club is something of a Camden institution, the rock n roll hangout which epitomises the city”


Latenight Honeymoon describe their sound as swooning guitar driven dream-pop, if that and their effortlessly crisp image is to go by then the London band are onto something special! They’ve already taken city’s such as Brighton and Leeds by storm alongside a few outings in London. We can’t wait to see what they have planned at Dingwalls as well as throughout the rest of 2018.

Hoofa are experiencing rapid growth despite the fact they are yet to release a debut single. Mesmerising guitar riffs and an intriguing sound mean that they are destined for the top. Recently, they featured as part of an In The Tune showcase at The Victoria, Dalston; if that night was anything to go by, their Camden return will be something worth noting. With singles and more live dates to come over the summer, it is clear that 2018 is gonna be their year!

All three amazing, potentially groundbreaking bands offer something quite like no other and Dingwalls is the perfect home for the exposure of new, live music. The venue dates back to 1973 and is unique, it layout second to none. In fact, many bands have gone on to make the jump from the Dingwalls stage to the largest of arenas and stadiums. The Foo Fighters, The Strokes and Mumford and Sons have all once featured upon the famous Camden stage. Combining with Lock 17, the 500 capacity venue is something of an enigma, the perfect, not so secret North London hangout.

Expect the best tracks of each decade to soundtrack the night. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Doors colliding with Bowie, The Smiths and Blur with a hint of Libertines and Arctic Monkeys to close. You can’t get a better track-listing anywhere else, Cherry Cola really do know how to get the dancefloor going, seriously… its on another level!


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