Dot to Dot Announces First Wave of 2018 Artists

As winner of best Festival for Emerging Talent at the 2017 UK Festival Awards it is clear that Dot to Dot hold a certain amount of authority when it comes to providing a festival line up worth taking notice of. This year, the festival returns to Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham from 25-27 May with The Horrors announced as headliners.

Alongside The Horrors come emerging artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Pale Waves, Bad Sounds, The Regrettes, Cassia and more, the perfect starting point for a festival line up which never fails to deliver.


“With such a thriving local music scene one can only assume that a plethora of local talent will be on offer. “


2018 sees The Horrors headline, already they have five UK top 40 albums under their belt with 2015s “V” being one of their most prolific yet. Alongside them come a whole host of emerging talent, Pale Waves being one of those with huge vats of industry support in 2018. Their NME Awards performance took the country by storm and in many ways this year could be their most meteoric yet. Their recent tour sold out and Dot to Dot comes as a welcome return to familiar cities including a homecoming for the Manchester formed band. Part of Dirty Hit Records, the band have a debut album coming later this year.

Leicester is the home of soul prodigy Mahalia, already sessions have over 5 million views online. The 19 year old is part of powerhouse label Atlantic Records and already expects a HUGE 2018. Bad Sounds are one of Bristol’s most promising current exports, instantly ones to create an exciting live atmosphere.



Dot to Dot features some of the best upcoming talents, with our beady eye cast most obviously upon Nottingham for it is one of Eudaemonia’s home city’s. With such a thriving local music scene one can only assume that a plethora of local talent will be on offer.

With tickets priced at just 13 quid, Dot to Dot really is an affordable, beautifully mesmerising way to catch new music whilst also celebrating local culture in a carnival like atmosphere.

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