Eudaemonia x Oddity Events: 04/04/18 Preview

Eudaemonia are teaming up with Oddity Events to present a night of live music in Manchester, the capital of modern sound. Taking place at Jimmy’s on 4th April 2018, it is already set to be one to remember! Be sure to grab you’re tickets in advance before the inevitable sell out looms!

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The Circus Villains:

The Darlington formed band have an infectious sound, take “Mistake” for example. A blending of impressive guitar riff and lyricism creates a track like no other. One can only assume that their Manchester return will be something worth catching come 4th April 2018!

Debut EP ‘An Evening With… The Circus Villains’ is perhaps the perfect starting point for the new listener, a true expression of their sound. “Blurred Dreamz” is also firm evidence of their electric sound, once again a track which is memorable from first listen. We cannot wait to catch The Circus Villains live in Manchester!


Feral Family:

If debut single “Treacle” is anything to go by, Feral Family are onto something quite special. The track displays all the positives of guitar based music. Its ever obvious bass line connects well with lyricism to create stellar atmosphere similar to the likes of Cabbage, The Fall and more.

Their sound is at times raucous, vocally impressive with a unique twist. Inspiration from the punk/grunge movement is at times obvious, though in many ways Feral Family are on a quest to redefine music in their own way, their Jimmy’s event coming with the release of upcoming single “Shock Horror.”



Swindon formed Getrz are already embarked upon an incredible 2018, their live credentials seem to know no boundaries and instant industry support is ever growing. Their sound is anthemic and if latest single “Old Town” is anything to go by, Getrz’s sound is destined to the larger stages.

“Mother” has the same effect, hugely noticeable choruses mix well with instantly catchy guitar riffs. However, it is heavier tracks such as “Jewellery” which are most promising, in many ways they act as they perfect soundtrack to any raucous weekend night.

Alongside their Jimmy’s NQ gig comes dates as Modern Ages’ Soma Fest in London as well as trips to Bristol and Leeds. If any band are going to take this summer by storm then it for sure  is Getrz!


Brown Lion Zoo:

Brown Lion Zoo made our 2018 watch-list for good reason, they really are onto something special! Already gaining strong reputation in Nottingham and beyond, it is clear that they have a sound worth listening to. Their debut EP release ‘Where’s My Sandwich’ is unusual in both name and initial superiority – it is a rarity to see a new band release something so good, so early in their career.

“Get Up” is impressive, it has a breezy sound and strong lyricism and could soundtrack any formative experience. Whilst on record they appear calmer, their live sound is in many ways heavy and atmospheric and takes them to an even larger dimension. “Electric Bed” is a wonderful example of this!

2018 promises dates in Nottingham, London and more! We can’t wait to see what the band have planned, their Manchester debut is gonna be something else and we can only urge you to get down early!


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