Spinn Mesmerise Nottingham’s In The Tune Club-Night

In The Tune made its Nottingham debut just last month, already it seems to be developing a strong reputation amongst the local scene. This month saw soon to be Liverpool icons Spinn make their first trip to the East Midlands.

The night opened spectacularly with The Rooves, their debut EP ‘Ground Control’ is no doubt impressive and already making waves throughout the local industry. “Nausea” was perhaps the perfect starting point for the already capacity gathered crowd, its guitar riffs mix well with impressive lyricism and voice to create something quite otherworldly.

Their relative youth as a band is obvious, though with such impressive industry support already it is clear that The Rooves are going to go far! A cover of Declan McKenna’s “Brazil” invoked huge crowd interaction, though it was “Jaws II” which perhaps was most formidable in the live setting. One can only assume that the Chesterfield band are only going to get bigger and better with ever growing live credential, clearly their sound is already suited to the larger stages.


“The night opened spectacularly with The Rooves, their debut EP ‘Ground Control’ is no doubt impressive”


Next came Short Weekends, the local Nottingham five piece who have already made large waves throughout the city’s live industry. Having already played venues such as The Bodega and Rescue Rooms as well as taken part in local festival ‘Beat The Streets,’ its clear that they are part of a new generation of Nottingham bands ready to make the next step up!

Tracks such as “Green Summer” were formidable in the live setting, energetic and obvious in terms of musical ability. Debut EP ‘The Garden’ was also well represented, tracks such as “I Miss You” prove the upbeat, sometimes dance-like credentials of their indie rock sound. It is clear that Short Weekends are one of the best live bands the city have to offer.

Super Furniture are no strangers to Nottingham’s ever growing live music scene, their attitude and on-stage energy is infectious. “Sleepless” was perhaps the most obvious track of their live set, totally recognisable and entirely well produced. Lyrically it is impressive, though the mixing of drum beat and guitar creates something entirely atmospheric.

“Vultures” is in many ways the perfect set closer, much like “Sleepless” it lyrically explores darker themes whilst creating atmosphere through instrument. Mix that in with a glimpse of the Arthur Theme Track and you could argue that Super Furniture’s set is nothing short of sensational, the perfect example of their sound and musical ability. Once more, we can only assume that these boys are gonna go far!


“Super Furniture are no strangers to Nottingham’s ever growing live music scene, their attitude and on-stage energy is infectious.”


And so it was on to Spinn, a band who are gaining a ferocious reputation throughout the country for all the right reasons. Together, their tracks have amassed way over two million streams on Spotify and already they are being tipped as one of the most promising bands in the country. It is easy to see why, their enthusiasm is infectious and musical ability second to none.

“Who Are You” in many ways is the perfect soundtrack to the most mesmerising of nights, upbeat and memorable it displays all the hallmarks of the Liverpool based bands sound. On stage chemistry is no doubt obvious, a Jagger like frontman will no doubt achieve all the benefits of fame in years to come!

“Home” manages to slow down the watching crowd on a raucous St Patricks Day night, though in many ways is the most noticeable track of the evening, an obvious ode to love and long lost evening. However, it was “Notice Me” which provided the most sensational moment of the evening, mosh pits galore and sing alongs prove that it is by far their most impressive track to date. Spinn are going far, one can only assume that the evening was somewhat of an ‘I was there moment.’

In The Tune returns to Nottingham in May 2018, stay in touch with their social media for further announcements.



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