Concrete Caverns Release “Punk Rock Revolution”

Concrete Caverns have grown in both reputation and sound alike, their live sound is ferocious and deliciously appealing. Latest single “Punk Rock Revolution” is perhaps their most exciting release yet!

Excitingly politicised, the song in many ways questions the integrity of modern punk rock and instead suggests the need for revolution in order to overcome “consumerist bullshit.” Catchy opening guitar riffs mix well with an obviously powerful chorus to create a song which is no less than infinitely anthemic. 

It plays well upon the relevancy of Concrete Caverns, their sound is best known for its powerful social commentary. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the band, a mixture of sound and lyricism makes them suited to an even greater rise in 2018. “Punk Rock Revolution” in many ways has the ability to grow into being one of those festival anthems, of which we’re sure the band will be ever present at over the coming months. 


“We can only assume that Concrete Caverns are gonna go from strength to strength over the coming 12 months or so!”


Their latest single follows the release of debut outing “Unforgivable.” Raw, raucous and at times aggressive, their first release in many ways has grown into becoming the perfect live anthem and a true highlight of each and every set they play. Exploring the privatisation and demise of the NHS, it has all the possibilities to soundtrack change in modern society. Concrete Caverns are able to expand the minds of the listener, the inquisitive nature sparks outrage towards the ruling elite. 

In fact, their live performances are growing more numerous by the day, especially in London. Having played everywhere from the Water Rats and Camden Assembly to Nambucca and Paper Dress Vintage, it is clear that they already are amassing quite a following. With 2018 being the year they ultimately begin to venture outside of the capital, it is only a matter of time before they break through the metaphorical glass ceiling.

“Punk Rock Revolution” is one of their greatest releases to date, we can only assume that Concrete Caverns are gonna go from strength to strength over the coming 12 months or so!

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Image via Concrete Caverns

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