Nottingham Gig Guide: April 2018

Nottingham is one of the UK’s best kept musical secrets. If you don’t believe us, be sure to check out a recent BBC 4 documentary to find out why! Here’s some of the tastiest gigs occurring in the city this April.

06/04 – Demob Happy – Rock City

True to their name, Demob Happy quite literally bring elation through escape. Latest EP ‘Holy Doom’ is already picking up plaudits, DIY gave it a five star rating.

Now a three piece, expect tracks such as “Fake Satan” and “Loosen It” to blow your minds, the Rock City basement is the perfect venue to catch them live. Think modern T-Rex with firm grunge origins.


08/04 – Goat Girl – Rough Trade Nottingham

Goat Girl are one of South London’s leading bands, their mix of dark sounds and guitar based riffs is something like no other. They truly are forging a reputation in their own right, their Rough Trade Nottingham in-store celebrates the release of their debut, self titled album.

Already their back catalogue is stronger than what most bands can offer after numerous albums. “Scum” and “Country Sleaze” are politically charged anthems worthy of soundtracking a revolution. “The Man” and “Cracker Drool” create density in both sound a lyric.


09/04 – Little Comets – Rescue Rooms

Little Comets have been doing the round for a while now, their sound is a perfect escape and well musically crafted. With their upcoming Rescue Rooms date being one of their largest in the city to date, it is clear that the band still have a lot of credibility left!

Latest single “M62” is one of their best to date, standing well next to tracks such as “Bridge Burn” and “Dancing Song” which will no doubt play some part in what will be an exciting evening.


10/04 – The Vaccines – Rock City

The Vaccines are still one of the country’s most exciting live bands, expect sing alongs galore at an already sold out Rock City.

The indie dreamboats will now doubt bring their A-Game to Nottingham, latest single “I Can’t Quit” is The Vaccines at their best. Mix this with classic anthems such as “Handsome” and “Post Break Up Sex” and you’re already onto a winner.


11/04 – Girl Ray – The Bodega

Rough Trade saw Girl Ray’s debut release “Earl Grey” as one of the greatest albums of the previous year. No doubt they have credibility, their famous supporters exaggerate this often.

“Trouble” is the perfect opening track to a debut and suits well to the small yet atmospheric Bodega room. Also look out for “Preacher” and “Stupid Thing,” two killer tracks in the live setting.


14/04 – Shame – Rescue Rooms

Shame’s rise has been impeccable, not too long ago were they crafting their sound in small London pubs and rehearsal rooms. Their Rescue Rooms gig highlights their biggest Nottingham date so far, a true reason to be excited by their return to the East Midlands.

“One Rizla” and “Lampoon” are both already iconic in the live setting, their sound is atmospheric in the most infectious of ways. You wont wanna miss this one!


16/04 – Queen Zee – Chameleon Arts Cafe

We first caught Queen Zee supporting Cabbage in Peterborough just last year, their sound is both mesmerising and infectious. With Babe Punch in support, their Chameleon Arts Cafe date will no doubt be a highlight of Nottingham’s musical month.

“Sissy Fit” and “Porno” are two live highlights, both raucous and energetic throughout. With latest single “Victim Age” already gathering mass support it is clear that 2018 is their year! We cannot urge you to grab a ticket for this one enough, it will sell out!


19/04 – This Feeling – Chameleon Arts Cafe

If This Feeling’s Nottingham debut at the Chameleon Arts Cafe in March was anything to go by, their new monthly night will take the city by storm. 

No Hot Ashes, The Assist and The Chase all feature in what will be a celebration of live music from the East Midlands.


25/04 – Youth Club – Rough Trade Nottingham

Youth Club’s already released singles are infectious, songs such as “Are You Wanting It All” and “Misunderstood” are infectious both in sound and lyric.

Latest single “The Man That I Am” gives us understanding of what is still to come from the band. Their Rough Trade Nottingham gig will get you in the mood for the summer no doubt!


27/04 – DMAs – Rock City

DMAs return to Nottingham in celebration of the release of their second album. If their debut is anything to go by, it is clear that 2018 will see them break through the metaphorical glass ceiling and into the higher echelons of chart success.

“Delete” and “Lay Down” are already anthems, well known and well sung throughout any DMAs live gig. Their new tracks also sound MASSIVE, we can only assume that their Rock City gig will be something like no other.


27/04 – St Pierre Snake Invasion, Tall Talker, HORSE + U.S.S – JT Soar

St Pierre Snake Invasion have already played numerously throughout the UK and beyond, the Bristol based guitar band are already riding a ferocious wave of hype.

With Tall Talker, HORSE and U.S.S also in attendance, JT Soar provides the ideal home for a night of new music once more, as it has done throughout the years!


29/04 – Blossoms – Rough Trade Nottingham

A chance to catch one of the country’s elite in the tiny setting that is Nottingham’s Rough Trade. 

With a signing as well, this is the perfect chance to meet that band and catch tracks such as “I Can’t Stand It” in acoustic form as the Stockport band prepare for the release of their second album.


30/04 – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Motorpoint Arena

Noel Gallagher’s has experienced quite the 2017, the release of third solo album “Who Built The Moon?” has been heralded as THE perfect change in musical direction.

His live show is now far more exciting and enticing for that matter, visuals clash with unusual sounds and impressive vocals. With a few Oasis tracks added into the mix for added measure, it is obvious that Gallagher’s Nottingham return will be much celebrated.


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