RedFaces Begin 2018 With A “Messed Up Feeling”

Okay, the title is rather deceiving. RedFaces are far from ‘messed up,’ in fact it is quite obvious that 2018 with be their year! Latest single “Messed Up Feeling” is mind blowing, an exciting mix of sounds which prove their musical credential. It really is an addictive listen!

Opening with a mixture of synths and an exciting drum beat, the track is an imagination of youthful love and eventual heartbreak. Recorded at Miloco’s The Pool in London and produced by Carey Willetts (Athlete), “Messed Up Feeling” provides all the evidence of the Sheffield band’s influences. R&B and indie rock collide in a track which even fellow city musician Jarvis Cocker would be proud of.

Chorus wise the track is strong, so strong that the NME have already picked it as an essential track for 2018. Already, one can see it growing into the most perfect of festival sing alongs, think Arctic Monkeys but with a more developed debut sound and musical credentials which are second to none. In fact, the track has a groove which strikes similarities with Michael Jackson demos and Sheffield’s famous synth rock and electronic scene. MTV also describe the band as a ‘One To Watch.’


“R&B and indie rock collide in a track which even fellow Sheffield musician Jarvis Cocker would be proud of.”


This summer sees them take on a tonne of festivals much like last year. Liverpool Sound City, Tramlines and Y Not Festival are all on the agenda. Having signed to Sony just last year, the Indie/Rock n Roll band have all the right industry connections and an ever growing fan base to match. Formed of Harry Lyon, Isaac White, Charlie Yapp and Ryan Laycock, RedFaces truly have the ability to go far. 

“Messed Up Feeling” comes as the band’s fourth studio single, already their back catalogue seems impressive. 2016 single “Kerosene” could arguably become the soundtrack to a future uprising, it is dark, tense and insanely atmospheric. “Wise Up” is another to look out for, its catchy merging of drum beats and guitar is the ultimate form of rock n roll/

We caught up with the band last year, check out our interview below:

Check out the video here:


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