‘SPINN EP:’ A Debut Masterpiece

SPINN are leading the way for Liverpool’s ever-growing, constantly exciting underground music scene. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that they are destined to be the next big thing from a city which already has legendary status in the business. Their debut, self titled EP is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Opening track “She Takes Her Time” will notably take comparisons to The Smiths with its evident, catchy use of guitar and mesmerising lyricism. Such a comparison may be fair though SPINN are unique in their own right, merging inspirational past sounds with their own impressive twist. The opening track is exciting and has every right to soundtrack the most enticing summertime experiences. It wouldn’t seem out of place in the most joyous of Hollywood blockbuster films nor as amazing sing-alongs on the biggest festival stages. 



Lyrically, SPINN are eloquent. “After Dark” quite obviously displays a slightly darker sound which at the same time manages to express an entire enclave of emotions. Even in sound can you see picture the Jagger-like movement of lead singer Johnny Quinn who will one day imaginably adorn the covers of magazines and billboard alike… SPINN’s rise to the top really will be THAT good!

Since their formation in 2015, the Liverpool based band formed of Johnny Quinn – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals, Andy Power – Lead Guitar/Keyboards, Sean McLachlan – Bass/Backing Vocals and George Whitehead – Drums, have gone from strength to strength. Impressive singles such as the delightful, nostalgic “Home” brought them into a whirlwind of industry support and a growing fan base to match. It is “Notice Me” which as brought them most success, over a million plays on Spotify to be precise. If any song will help drag them to the top then it certainly will be that one, catchy and suited to grand arenas alike.

“Who You Are” is what many may see as the EP’s lead track, a display of perfect instrumental clashing with well meant, catchy and unique lyrics. With a guitar procession in which even Johnny Marr would be proud of, SPINN have an essence of approachable superiority about them; you won’t find a nicer, more talented bunch of lads in the industry. “Who You Are” is suited to the live setting and is in many ways THE perfect way to begin any kind of set.


““Who You Are” is what many may see as the EP’s lead track, a display of perfect instrumental clashing with well meant, catchy and unique lyrics.”


It is the SPINN live set which is most intriguing, crowd interaction and sing-alongs are very much common alongside the ritual-like yet friendly mosh pit which “Notice Me” always seems to induce. Their live outings are becoming all the more numerous, the Liverpool based band are very much hard working and them signing to Modern Age UK no doubt proves this. Recent outings to Scotland, Nottingham, London and a sold-out headline date in their home city suggests that their fan base is ever growing for all the right reasons.

“November” is slower yet one of the most lyrically impressive tracks on the entire EP. A powerful chorus is hyperbolic to each verse which is the band’s take on the ultimate love story. One can only assume that this track will grow and become a fan favourite in the years to come.

SPINN are onto something special, their self titled EP only does well to prove this. 



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Image via SPINN

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