Sound City 2018: 10 Must See Artists

Liverpool Sound City is one of the country’s leading festivals when it comes to supporting new talent. Here are 10 new bands we think you MUST see if you’re planning to head to the famous city festival this May.


If latest single “Faults” is anything to go by, the London alt trio are one of THE bands to catch this year at sound city. Berries have an effortless rock-based sound which merges all kinds of influences both recent and old whilst remaining all the while unique.

“Lights” is the perfect way to kick of any set whilst “Wild Vow” wouldn’t sound out of place on any festival stage. Berries are rock and roll with the most impressive of attitudes, their Liverpool set is gonna go down a treat!


Calva Louise

The London based band are already embarking on what is to be an exceptional year, one can only assume that their Modern Sky UK showcase appearance is going to be something quite special. 

Calva Louise may only have two singles readily available for streaming, though in themselves they are catchy and charming. “Getting Closer” has unique guitar use which many stadium band would be proud of, its lyricism entangles well with unique chord structure to create something quite special. 


False Heads

False Heads’ live sound is ferocious, they truly have all the capabilities of going far. Whether it be relentless touring in the capital or now further afield gigs, the Essex formed band are nothing short of consistent.

Latests single “Retina” is perhaps the best starting point for the new listener, effortlessly produced and easily manipulable to all kinds of settings. We’re sure that tracks such as “Twenty Nothing” and “Weight In” will have a profound effect upon the sound city audience. 


Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie’s sound is energetic, raucous and full of youth. The London musicians are part of an underground scene which is sure to soon break through the metaphorical glass ceiling. Listen to EP ‘Young & Lonesome’ and hear for yourselves.

“Hey” has the swagger of any well formed confident rock band with unique voice. “Cheer up Princess” builds great atmosphere and documents the hardships of teenage life whilst latest single “Love Machine” will surely bring an aggressive yet well natured side of their sound to Liverpool’s Sound City in this May!



Of all the bands at this year’s Sound City, none come into the festival with more industry hype than Idles. Radio icon Steve Lamacq is already a fan alongside the rest of the team at 6 Music, though it is their ever growing fan base which proves all the critics right.

Storming sets at SXSW, years of UK touring and more make Idles THE festival band of the summer. “Mother” is a raucous, aggressive punk track which puts the 70s to shame whilst “Well Done” is one of the most politically relevant tracks of our time. Their debut album ‘Brutalism’ was one of the best of 2017, and we’re sure that the coming years will be just as successful for the 2012 formed Bristol band.


Queen Zee

Currently embarked upon a near sell out nationwide tour, Queen Zee converse between punk and politics to produce an impressively relevant sound.

Fronted by Queen Zee, the ditching of the ‘Sasstones’ name in many ways suggests that 2018 will see them leave the industry in shatters. Tracks such as “Sissy Fits” and “Idle Crown” will not only leave Liverpool Sound City in a heap of mesmerisation but will provide the soundtrack to what will be a long and successful career for the Liverpool group.



We’ve recently featured latest RedFaces single “Messed up Feeling” for good reason, it is one of THE indie hits of the summer. Mixing synths, guitar and a whole range of musical influences, it is their ability to produce something quite raw and special which makes the Sheffield formed band stand out most.

“Wise Up” may be their most known track to date, though keep an eye on the likes of “Take It Or Leave It” and “Kerosene,” two tracks with strong lyricism and pitch perfect bass-lines which will leave minds blown and legs weak. RedFaces truly are here to stay!


The Orielles

Hot off the release of debut album ‘Silver Dollar Moment,’ The Orielles are in the form of their lives. Having recently sold out London’s Garage and performed their biggest Manchester venue to date, Sound City acts as the perfect opportunity to catch them at a festival-like setting.

Each album track is second to none, our highlights being “Sunflower Seeds” and “Snaps.” Their sound is suited best to warm summer festival afternoons, we’re sure that their Sound City set will be one of THE weekend highlights.


The Wholls

2017 was a brilliant year for The Wholls who’s self titled debut album gained much critical acclaim alongside their festival and touring commitments. As part of the Jack Rocks 7 concept, they played large festivals across the country including TNSMT and Isle Of White Festival’s. January sees them return to Liverpool.

Tracks such as “X21” and “Take Jimi” are incredible in the live setting. In fact, they probably come as one of the most experienced festival outfits on the entire Sound City line-up. Expect chaotic scenes, The Wholls certainly know how to put on a show!


White Room

White Room are like a modern Pulp/T-Rex – like hybrid, their unique musical talent is second to none. Tracks such as “Stole The I.V” and “The Blue” are THE perfect festival anthems, impressive sing alongs at best.

Their sound is catchy and raw, clearly something which much of Sound City’s line-up prides itself upon. The Brighton 5 piece are set to go far!


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Image via Liverpool Sound City

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