This Feeling @ Isle Of Wight Festival: Preview

This Feeling’s festival tents are nothing short of legendary, a hotbed of musical talent soon to grace the main stages and beyond. Not only that, but it is the perfect rock n roll celebration of scenes occurring in small venues across the country. With Pirate Studios and Pretty Green also supporting the stage, here’s our take on just some of the bands heading to the Isle of Wight Festival this year…

Avalanche Party

Avalanche Party have been THE most talked about new band on the circuit this year. Don’t believe us? Perhaps it is their festival sets which do the talking, inner city festivals have seen their venues at full capacity, with queues stretching round the block.

“Porcelain” is fuelled by aggressive guitar riffs, intriguing lyricism and a side of all round frenzy. It is no wonder that they top the stage’s bill on the opening night of the festival, they’ll be atop the main stages in no time.


Sophie And The Giants

Having recently supported Trampolene on their latest UK tour, including a massive Scala date, Sophie And The Giants are already amassing an amazing support base. Their recent single “Monsters” is second to none, one of the most impressive debut releases of the year.

Sophie & The Giants combine an electronic, dense sound with strong lyricism to combine genres and more to create something quite special. For this reason, one can only expect 2018 to become their breakthrough year. Their Isle of Wight set will be one to remember!


The Seamonsters

Winners of this year’s Pirate Prodigy, The Seamonsters have already amassed notable success throughout the Sheffield region. It is 2018 which will become their breakthrough year, their Isle of Wight debut is just a string of credible festival performances throughout the summer.

The glittery indie band make best use of 80s synths to create their own breed of sound. “Lost (And Found)” is the perfect starting point for any new listener. 



Catchy, rhythmic punk rock with a modern twist, Sisteray are already no strangers to the festival circuit. Their recent sets at Camden Rocks and Brighton’s Great Escape were both well attended and notorious.

If latest single “Algorithm Prison” is anything to go by, their upcoming EP is gonna be something quite spell binding. The London rockers will quite clearly bring a sense of euphoric intrigue to IoW 18.



“Gimme More” is the perfect encapsulation of Breed’s sound, rock and roll at its best. Their swaggery attitude is justified through sound, musically they are as good as they come. Confident music for confident people, “Get With It” once more combines guitar, lyric and voice and is already a massive hit on the festival stages.

With a line up featuring Kasabian and Liam Gallagher at the top of the bill, Breed have all the credentials to lead the next wave of indie rock bands. 


The Cosmics

The Birmingham Garage Punk band have graced This Feeling stages for a few years now, though with appearances ramping up it is clear that the trio are preparing for an explosive summer.

Formed of Erin Grace and Conor and Danny Boyle, it is the DIY sound ethic which is most insightful on first listen. 2016’s “Johnny” is already a cult favourite, though it is latest single “Inishfree” which provides the best example of their current placing. Expect an entirely raucous set.


Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie’s sound is energetic, raucous and full of youth. The London musicians are part of an underground scene which is sure to soon break through the metaphorical glass ceiling. Listen to EP ‘Young & Lonesome’ and hear for yourselves.

“Hey” has the swagger of any well formed confident rock band with unique voice. “Cheer Up Princess” builds great atmosphere and documents the hardships of teenage life whilst latest single “Love Machine” will surely bring an aggressive yet well natured side of their sound to the Isle Of Wight this June!


Calva Louise

The London based band are already embarking on what is to be an exceptional year, one can only assume that their Isle Of Wight appearance is going to be something quite special. 

Calva Louise may only have two singles readily available for streaming, though in themselves they are catchy and charming. “Getting Closer” has unique guitar use which many stadium band would be proud of, its lyricism entangles well with unique chord structure to create something quite special. 


Check out the full Isle of Wight line up below:


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 17.19.12


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