REACTION: A Playlist by Eudaemonia

REACTION is the new Spotify based playlist by Eudaemonia. Updated monthly, it shall feature some of our favourite new bands and new tracks. Given its name, it features songs penned to create strong emotion, especially those from upcoming bands across the UK. 


Check out a list of the featured songs below, and our thoughts on them:

Brown Lion Zoo – ‘I Lied’

Brown Lion Zoo are one of Nottingham’s most enigmatic new bands, they’re truly onto something special. ‘I Lied’ is the best representation of their current sound. It builds well on the release of Where’s My Sandwich which first dropped in 2017. ‘I Lied’ is powerful in record and in the live setting, it is clear that Brown Lion Zoo are only just getting started!

Hoofa – ‘Think About You – Live’

Formed out of a solo project and named after an Xbox gamer tag, Hoofa certainly are in their infancy. Their debut, EP Live at Bonafide is, as its name would suggest, live. ‘Think About You’ is very much impressive, both raw and instrumentally sound. Quite clearly a break up song, lyrically it is entirely convincing and real, we cannot wait to see what these guys have planned next!

Babe Punch – ‘Control’

Babe Punch’s commitment to touring in the East Midland area is phenomenal, their live outings are already becoming a ‘must see’ event. Released in 2017, ‘Control’ has been in our ears for a while now and rightly so, an uprising song worth listening to!

The Rooves – ‘Nausea’

Despite their youth, The Rooves’ sound is ferocious. Debut EP Ground Control is the perfect starting point for any new listener, it has already picked up a tonne of industry support too. ‘Nausea’ is the most impressive of them all, catchy guitar riffs and impressive lyricism prove that The Rooves are going to go far!

Sophie and The Giants – ‘Monsters’

Forming less than a year ago, the rapid introduction Sophie and The Giants have had to the music industry is impressive. Having supported Trampolene on their recent UK tour, it is clear that 2018 will propel the Sheffield formed band to the forefront of live underground music. ‘Monsters’ is the band’s first offering, electrifying synths mix with guitar and vocals to create something raw and promising. 

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