Y Not Festival: 12 Must See Artists

Y Not Festival always seems to be growing… Here’s 12 bands who we think are MUST SEE should you be heading to the Derbyshire event this weekend:

Fat White Family 

The Fat White Family are the pioneering light in the country’s music scene right now. True artists who unpretentiously create a sound which is different and game changing. A band who ignore big PR coups, record deals and more, something which can’t be said of most modern bands. Their live set is sensational, a mind blowing experience. 


The Orielles

The Orielles have been one of our favourite bands in 2018, their unique mix of effective guitar and voice is in many ways pioneering. Debut album Silver Dollar Moment achieved strong reviews all round and is still spun regularly at Eudaemonia HQ. Tracks such as “Snaps,” “Sunflower Seeds” and “Sugar Tastes Like Salt” all create one of THE best festival set-lists. 



Anteros fuse traditional indie-guitar based sounds with rebellious, inspiring lyricism in impressive manner. Their summer 2018 festival ventures have already taken them around the country and into mainland Europe, Y Not Festival will see the London based outfit in great form. Look out for latest singles “Love” and “Bonnie,” two tracks which prove that this band are destined for greatness.



Sheafs have a mesmerising live sound, don’t believe us? Just ask the crowds at Tramlines and Truck Festivals. With 2018 already a big year, their Y Not return is one not to be missed. Expect hits such as “This Is Not A Protest” and “Mind Pollution” to tear the metaphorical roof down. 


The Libertines

No words are really necessary to describe the chaotic perfection of a Libertines live set. A mixture of old tracks and new will provide the perfect soundtrack to the opening night proper of Y Not 2018. With a new album on the way, expect Carl Barat and Pete Doherty to be both well practised and in great form!



When it comes to touring, Mint are ferocious. They’ve been just about everywhere over the past few month. What is more impressive is that they have a sound to back it up! “Elise” is no doubt a festival favourite, as is latest single “Superglue.” Fast paced and upbeat, we’re sure that the Grimsby formed band will have Y Not bouncing!


The Surrenders

The Surrenders are hungry and most importantly have a sound worth looking out for. Birmingham’s new favourite band have been long supported by the likes of Pirate Studios and This Feeling, and for good reason! If tracks such as “No Paper” is anything to go by, they’re in for an exciting festival season!


Brown Lion Zoo

Brown Lion Zoo are one of Nottingham’s favourite new bands, their commitment to live outings in the city is second to none. Latest single “I Lied” is the perfect example of their upbeat, dreamy sound. Making their Y Not debut, expect to see these boys on festival stages throughout the country in no time!


The Seamonsters

Having just smashed a main-stage set at hometown festival Tramlines, The Seamonsters are cranking up the volume both metaphorically and literally. With a UK wide tour in the pipeline and new singles to be released, now is the perfect time to catch the Sheffield band in the intimate festival setting. Tracks such as “Max and Archie and” “Lost (And Found)” are the perfect starting point for the new listener. 



The fact that the London based band missed out on a Mercury Award nomination is one of the crimes of the year however, Shame’s rise over the past few years has been remarkable. Tracks such as “One Rizla” and “Concrete” will no doubt set the Y Not crowd alight, these guys are one of the best live bands in the country right now!


Sophie & The Giants

Sophie & The Giants are still in their relative infancy. However, what they lack in experience is certainly made up for in a sound which will no doubt conquer the country over this summer! With only ‘Monsters’ out on streaming sites so far, it is certain that the bands’ sound is still masked with secrecy. Despite this, their enigmatic mix of voice and synth is one to be envious of.


The Cosmics

The Cosmics are perhaps one of THE best new festival bands around. Formed of Erin Grace and Conor and Danny Boyle, it is the DIY sound ethic which is most insightful on first listen. 2016’s “Johnny” is already a cult favourite, though it is latest single “Inishfree” which provides the best example of their current placing. Expect something quite raucous at Y Not!


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Image via Y Not Festival

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