Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr collaborate in ‘If Love Is The Law’

Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr are two heavyweights of the game and, unsurprisingly, great friends. They have a lot in common: breakdowns in previous band partnerships, leaders of their craft, Mancunians. Unsurprisingly, ’If Love Is The Law’ is the perfect collaboration. 

Taken from Gallagher’s recent solo album Who Built The Moon? the track is set for digital release on August 17 followed by a September 14 vinyl release. With B-side ‘Alone On The Rope,’ it follows previous single releases including the romantic ‘She Taught Me How To Fly’ and echoey ‘It’s A Beautiful World.’ Upbeat and promising, Gallagher’s upcoming solo single is one of his best yet. 



Opening with a floating introduction, a mixture of acoustic guitar chords and piano use kick the song off in joyful manner. Instrumentally it is one of the albums best. Unsurprisingly, it is lyrically second to none, a mixture of despair and hope is created impressively. The song stands out best in the live setting, it is perhaps THE most anthemic Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ third studio outing.

With an all new live line up, Who Built The Moon? explored a different approach to music creation. Far more experimental and created entirely from scratch in the studio, it is no surprise that it initially had traditional fans turning their heads in confusion. However, in the sixth months or so since its release, the album has experience much growth and praise from media and fans alike. So much so that it has even been nominated for this year’s prestigious Mercury Award prize.

Speaking on the track, via Gallagher’s official channels, Marr emphasises the special nature of their recording sessions. Unsurprisingly, he also suggests that many fans still confuse him for the elder Gallagher brother in the streets of Manchester. Noel himself adds that no Noel Gallagher record is ever complete without Marr’s input. Check out their full thoughts below, including their musings with a harmonica:



‘If Love Is The Law’ will be made available on 12” vinyl, including a limited edition picture disc, on September 21st, featuring B side ‘Alone On The Rope’.



A1 – If Love Is The Law

A2 – If Love Is The Law (Instrumental)

B1 – Alone On The Rope


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Image credits: Charlie Barnes, Eudaemonia

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