RedFaces release catchy new single ‘Way Down’

It is no wonder that the release of every RedFaces single is met with much anticipation. Musically they are one of Sheffield’s best new bands, ‘Way Down’ proves this even further.

It is calmer and perhaps a little more meaningful than other releases. Opening with a relaxing mix of drum beat and guitar riff, it is lyrically where the song becomes most demanding. It has questioning qualities which take effect after heavy nights out or moments of emotional intensity. However, there is also a sense of optimism thus making ‘Way Down’ an exploration of the youthful mind.


Check out the band’s diary from Community Festival 2017:


Musically, as ever, it is second to none. Both impressive and entirely listenable, it wouldn’t sound out of place on the largest of radio stations. In fact, its chorus is the song’s most powerful aspect, no doubt it will soon become a fan sing-along in itself. Having signed to Sony just last year, the Indie/Rock n Roll band have all the right industry connections and an ever growing fan base to match. Formed of Harry Lyon, Isaac White, Charlie Yapp and Ryan Laycock, RedFaces truly have the ability to go far. 

‘Way Down’ comes as part of a spectacular summer for the band which has already seen them take hometown festival Tramlines by storm. Their Saturday afternoon main-stage slot was not just well attended, but it proved the festival credentials of the band. Their recent Y-Not Festival appearance in Derbyshire was also hotly talked about in industry circles.


We caught up with the band last year, check out our interview below:


Their latest single follows the release of 2018s ‘Messed Up Feeling,’ yet another example of RedFaces’ impressive talent. Clear influence is taken not just from note-able indie bands but also the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince. It is such variation which allows the band to create a unique sound which, no doubt, is going to take them far!

‘Way Down’ is one of RedFaces’ best release to date, you can listen to it via all streaming sites now.

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Image via RedFaces

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