Bang Bang Romeo WOW with ‘Shame On You’ EP

So, it’s here… Bang Bang Romeo’s Shame On You EP has been one of the most sought after debut EP’s of recent times. Quite frankly, it is nothing short of impressive, the perfect kickstart to a year which sees them release their debut album!

Kicking off with lead single ‘Shame On You,’ a track which has been doing the rounds for a while now, it is instantly clear that the Doncaster band mean business. Opening with catchy drum beats and strong lyricism, what is first-most obvious is the heightened production value of the song. No doubt coming as a result of years of experience and newfound recording opportunities. 



Having recently signed a worldwide contract with Eleven Seven Music Label Group, Bang Bang Romeo are going from strength to strength. Their ‘Shame On You’ EP release came with its own release party at London’s The Social just last Thursday, before a trip along Holloway Road then took them to the capital’s famous Nambucca in support of Electric Six. With recent festival outings including Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival, Kendal Calling and a main-stage slot at Isle of Wight, the band are clearly festival favourites.

Given its name, ‘Cemetery’ is surprisingly upbeat. Lyrically explorative and vocally powerful. For some reason it is the music of The Smiths which comes to mind as a comparison. Its chorus is one of their best, a true tale of love and togetherness. ‘Adore Me’ continues to develop themes of love and togetherness, think a collaboration between Lady Gaga and The Killers. Keep a close eye on the final thirty-seconds of the track, Walker’s vocals are sensation. The only word which can possibly come to mind is “mind-blowing.”


“the trio seem to evoke the definition of togetherness and friendship with ease.”


What is most impressive is their desire to please an ever growing fan base commonly referred to as the BBRMY. Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival saw fans flock from far and wide to see the band though an onslaught of bad weather left the stage flooded. Always keen to please, Bang Bang Romeo rapidly looked to secure a local venue so they could perform after all, with some even suggesting that the newfound intimacy made it a true “I was there” moment.

Formed of Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland, the trio seem to evoke the definition of togetherness and friendship with ease. Hard work and natural talent have combined to get them to where they are now. The EP closes on a reworked, updated version of ‘Chemical,’ a delight for old and new fans alike. The track has gone from pub backrooms to festival stages in a short space of time, one can only assume it’ll fill arenas and stadiums alike in no time!

2018 is the biggest year of the Doncaster band’s career to date, their Shame On You EP is near faultless and keeps us all in high anticipation as we await November’s debut album release. 



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Image via Bang Bang Romeo

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