Oddity Events Track of the Week: The Slumdogs – ‘Nightmare’ 

Every Slumdogs song is immense. We have chosen ‘Nightmare,’ It was immersive from first listen. For fans of The Wytches, Fat White Family and Slaves, this song can truly be depicted as a masterpiece. 

We treasure ‘Nightmare’s’ fast paced riffs and short snappy vocals. It’s guitar playing is also very much distinctive. Like their other material, The Slumdogs have created a brand of music which will spark attention amongst the masses.



The Slumdogs headline Oddity Events’ amazing new local club night, ‘Loaded.’ The night features both bands and DJ sets as it celebrates all that Manchester has to offer. Taking place at Night People, it is no doubt THE place to be for students and locals alike on a Monday night.

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Oddity Events Loaded.png


About Oddity Events:

Founded in 2018,Manchester. Oddity Events believe in creating success for unsigned and new bands. The industry is always expanding and improving and we want to maintain recognition for ‘Indie’ bands. We want to elaborate how much we have an exquisite passion for music by helping over musicians achieve their goals within the industry.


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Image via The Slumdogs & Oddity Events

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