The Rooves mesmerise with ‘Henstock’s’ EP

The Rooves are impressive, their sound is the perfect mix of youthful energy, impressive guitar riffs and effortless lyricism. Their latest EP Henstock’s is a sign of intent, an impressive body of works.

The indie/alt Chesterfield formed band have quietly formed an ever-growing following in the region  following the early 2018 release of debut EP Ground Control. Taking inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Declan McKenna, The Strokes and more, The Rooves’ sound is ironically upbeat and cleverly manufactured. 

Opening track ‘Henstock’s’ manipulates elements of sound and lyricism with ease. Inquisitive and at times thought provoking, it is very much anthemic. A laidback, soft guitar riff (Mac Demarco-esque in form) manages to dominate much of the song in impressive manner. 



‘Games Without The Fun’ is, despite their relative you, an example of mature songwriting. In fact, The Rooves sound like a fully fledged touring outfit. The track wouldn’t sound out of place on large festival stages, film soundtracks and television advertising campaigns alike. With guitar use none too different to the likes of Peace and Foals, it is clear that The Rooves will grow a huge following in the years to come.

‘Blue, 1903’ is far more soft and delicate, perhaps their slowest work to date. However, it displays the versatilities of their sound, proving they have an ability to mix fast and slow with ease in a way which the likes of Wolf Alice are able to do with such composure. Henstock’s is a message, the perfect starting point for a career which will no doubt be fruitful.


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The Rooves are just as strong live as they are on record. Hits from previous EP Ground Control are already doing the rounds on the airwaves, with Dean Jackson of BBC Introducing East Midlands already a fan. Both ‘Nausea’ and ‘Jaws II’ already have the potential to become classics, whilst their live cover of Declan McKenna’s ‘Brazil’ is both reworked and just as impressive as its original. The band have already performed in lively haunts such as Nottingham’s Chameleon Arts Cafe and Chesterfield’s Country Music Bar. 

We LOVE Henstock’s EP.For a band in their relative youth, it is very much impressive. The Rooves are onto something quite special, be sure to check them out as soon as possible!


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Image via The Rooves

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