Tracks of the Year 2018

2018 has been one of THE greatest years for new music, many singles have soundtracked the year from the outset. It is clear that each of these tracks will grow into something special, with some potentially becoming life changing anthems. Below are some of our favourite songs of the year:

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Four Out Of Five’

The famous Sheffield band returned quickly and mysteriously, with no credible single coming to form before the release of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The album itself must be viewed as a collection of works rather than a mixture of singles. 

Despite this, ‘Four Out Of Five’ stands out, it is quirky and reminiscent of current times.


RedFaces – ‘Messed Up Feeling’

RedFaces’ ‘Messed Up Feeling’ is surprisingly upbeat. Mixing a whole range of influences and instruments, the track makes best use of guitar and synths combined with fine vocal exploits. The Sheffield band have had a great year, we can only assume that 2019 will be their best yet!


BlackWaters – ‘People Street’

BlackWaters’ 2018 EP People Street was both mature an impressive. Its title track is reflective and catchy. Lyrically expressive, guitars both clash and change pace in a manner which is sometimes strange but entirely atmospheric. ‘People Street’ is storytelling at its finest!


The Surrenders – ‘Shouldn’t Have To Dig’

The Surrenders capture a sound which is nostalgic and relevant, an entirely exciting mixture of influences. Vocally, the Birmingham formed band are in a league of their own, in the live setting their presence is almost ‘godly.’ ‘Shouldn’t Have To Dig’ is, in our opinion, their best piece of work in a year which has seen them go from strength to strength.


The Rooves – ‘Henstocks’

The Rooves are impressive, their sound is the perfect mix of youthful energy, impressive guitar riffs and effortless lyricism. ‘Henstocks’ has a reflective, mature feel to it’s sound. With an ever growing reputation, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for the Chesterfield formed band!


Bang Bang Romeo – ‘Shame On You’

‘Shame On You’ kickstarts phase two of Bang Bang Romeo’s rise to the top. Tension building and at times incredibly immersive, the track comes as the Doncaster band prepare to go on a European Stadium tour with PINK next summer. They’re onto something massive, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

SPINN – ‘Who You Are’

SPINN lead the 21st centuries Liverpudlian revolution. If their effect is anything like that of previous city-folk then quite frankly, they are set to take the world by storm! ‘Who You Are’ is cute sounding yet lyrically mature. Marr-esque guitar riffs clash with dreamy vocals to deliver a pleasurable listening experience.


False Heads – ‘Yellow’

Menacing, “in your face” rock and roll. False Heads show no desire to stay in the slow lane. 2018s ‘Yellow’ is a powerful example of their intense sound. It is in their live shows where False Heads come into a league of their own, we urge you to catch them in 2019!


Brown Lion Zoo – ‘Lifeline’

Brown Lion Zoo are quickly becoming one of Nottingham’s finest exports. Recent single ‘Lifeline’ is both hearty and strong, a track which is composed in impressive manner. Lyrically they are as strong as ever, though echoey guitar riffs make this best suited to summer festival crowds and the live venue alike. As ever, we urge you to catch Brown Lion Zoo live as soon as possible!


Hoofa – ‘As You Do’

Upbeat, rhythmic, indie pop – Hoofa present a sound which is both upbeat and melodic. ‘As You Do’ is perhaps THE perfect example of this. Vocally strong and lyrically deep, the track is an exploration of youthful emotion. 

The London based band have gone from strength to strength in 2018, we’re very much excited to see what the next 12 months have in store for Hoofa!


Lighthouse – ‘Creep On My Mind’

Lighthouse’s musical credentials are ever growing, already they are amassing a reputation worth looking for across the capital. February’s release of ‘Creep On My Mind’ was perhaps their best yet, incredibly well produced and entirely listenable.

Having recently supported The Rifles at Kentish Town’s Forum, there is no limit to what 2019 can bring for the London based band.


Calva Louise – ‘I Heard A Cry’

‘I Heard A Cry’ takes Calva Louise’s sound away from its post punk routes. Hinting far more at pop influences, it confirms the talent of the London trio. Upbeat, guitar heavy and entirely positive, the track is one of the most listenable of 2018. With a UK tour in the pipeline, 2019 is set to be quite incredible for the newly signed Modern Sky band.


This is part one of a five part ‘best tracks’ update. Check back in the coming days for more of our 2018 highlights!

Image used under Creative Commons licensing


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