10 Things To Do In London

Want to fill up your afternoon with fun, cheap and exciting London activities? Look no further, our latest list spices up any trip to the world famous city, and gets you closer to the ways of life of a true Londoner!


Carnaby Street

A cultural hotspot, Carnaby Street is THE go to shopping destination for any forward thinking fashionista. Situated just off Regents Street, not too far from the famous hope of Vogue Magazine, the street is forever evolving and catering to new fashion trends!

Watch out for: Famous, themed Christmas decorations, Liberty, Pretty Green and a vast array of pop up food and drink outlets.


St James’ Park

London is home to a number beautiful parks, those with Royal status are by far the most impressive. St James’ is truly royal in many sense as it neighbours the Queen’s most famous residence: Buckingham Palace. If you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, this place is for you!

Watch out for: Cute cafe’s, hot and cold drinks and a vast array of plants, trees and walkways


Walk The Thames

Sometimes you have to escape public transport to truly see a city. Why not walk along the Thames – one of the world’s most famous rivers! London Bridge to the Houses of Parliament only takes an hour at walking pace and takes in great sights including Shakespeare’s Globe, London Eye and the Southbank centre.

Watch out for: The OXO tower, food outlets, Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge


Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is one of the best free alternative art galleries in London and plays home to a fine collection of modern contemporary art. Opened by Charles Saatchi in 1985, the museum is a direct competitor to the south-bank’s Tate Modern, allowing for the exposure of otherwise rare art forms.

Watch out for: An ever evolving collection of art and exhibitions in one of London’s coolest districts



Why not take a trip up the Northern Line to London’s favourite alternative hangout, Camden. The region is home to an eclectic mix of music venues, bars, stores and food outlets and is known to attract an eccentric mix of cultures. Amy Winehouse saw it as her spiritual home and for good reason, we love this place!

Watch out for: Electric Ballroom, Hawley Arms, Stables Market, Jazz Cafe


Record Store Crawl

London is a hotbed for music, its record stores are some of the greatest. Are you a music fan? Do you have a liking for nostalgia and eccentricity? Why not check out some of the best record stores the city has to offer! From Shoreditch to Soho, Camden to Notting Hill, the city is rich in vinyl culture.

Watch out for: Rough Trade East, Sisteray Records, Banquet Records


Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is a collection of artistic venues just south of the city’s west end. Alongside the river Thames, it comprises of three performance venues and an art gallery. It is a cultural wonder of the world, the largest centre for arts of its kind in Europe. 

Whether it be winter or summer, the Southbank Centre has a flattering mix of events, installations and cultural extravaganzas.  

Watch out for: Concerts, Arts, Seasonal Markets, Unique Food Outlets


Boat Tour

The Thames is awash with boats of all kinds. Once the hub of London’s trade industry, it is now mainly used as a public transport and leisure source. There are many travel options available, though we recommend taking the Thames Clipper. Affordable, comfortable and frequent, the route takes in most of the river’s sights with noteable piers/stops at regular intervals.

Watch out for: Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Canary Wharf


Attend A Gig

We truly believe that London’s music scene is the world’s best. Each night sees a tonne of gigs occur across the capital. Prices vary, we recommend checking out upcoming talent in a small, underground venue in one of many cultural hotspots. You can see tomorrow’s festival headliners all for the price of a pint!

Watch out for: The city’s greatest venues including Brixton Academy, The O2 and Camden’s Roundhouse


Temple of Seitan

London’s best vegan hangout, it was said to be a world ‘first’ upon its opening. With “meat” made from a wheat protein based product, the store offers anything from vegan chicken to vegan burgers. They now have locations in Hackney and Camden, be sure to tie in your visit with a trip to other local hangouts. 

Watch out for: Their amazing menu including a Temple Burger, Twist Wrap and Vegan Friend Chicken range


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Image used under Creative Commons 2.0, via: flickr: garryknight


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