10 Things To Do In Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the United Kingdom’s most fascinating cities. It mixes everyday life with cultural escape and is arguably one of the greenest in the Midlands. We LOVE this city, here are 10 things you can get up to should you ever find yourself wandering its hearty streets.

Contemporary Art Gallery 

As we said, Nottingham is a cultural hotspot. Situated in the Lace Market, it occupies a space which was once an old Saxon fort. Now it hosts up to four or five major exhibitions a year, featuring some of the world’s best contemporary artists. Best of all, it’s free!


Walk Around The University

Nottingham University is more than just an educational base. Its fine grounds and equally as impressive food and drink outlets make it well worthy of the short 34 Bus trip from Market Square. Be sure to take in the down and the botanical gardens, they truly are beautiful sights especially in the summer.


Grab A Cocktail At The Bodega

The city is home to a number of great bars, none come better than The Bodega. Whether you are a university student, gig goer or all round cultural enthusiast, the Hockley will no doubt feel like a home from home. Their cocktails are incredible all year round, and happy hours put them at incredible value too!


Wollaton Park

The 500 acre site includes a Victorian House, a huge lake, a golf course and the closest you’ll ever come to a collection of urban deers. As parks go, Wollaton park has it all. The perfect weekend getaway, you’d be surprised by its sheer size. It is also the home of Splendour, one of the greatest weekend festivals the country has to offer. 


Nottingham Castle

It may be closed for now, but upon reopening, Nottingham Castle will be one of the city’s cultural and historical centre-points. A total of £29.4 million is being invested to redevelop the castle, grounds and sprawling cave systems hidden within the Castle Rock. It reopens in 2020!


Watch A Gig

Nottingham’s music scene is a national asset, its recent resurgence has been mesmerising. The collaboration between bands and venue mean that the scene is mainly positive, rewarding gig goers and industry alike. We recommend checking out alternative hangouts such as the Chameleon Arts Cafe and JT Soar where you will find an unreal mix of genres and sounds all year round.


Food & Drink

Ignoring its backlog of chains and fast food eateries, Nottingham is famed for its independent food and drink spots. Most exciting is Hockley, where you can find a whole collection of unique coffee shops, food stalls and bars. Be sure to come at the height of the summer where you will find an all round vibe which is nothing short of exciting!


Independent Shopping

Nottingham is home to a whole host of independent shopping locations. Whether it be record hunting at Forever Records or Vintage sourcing at COW or Wild Clothing, we’re sure the city centre has something for you!


Take Up Water Sports

The beginning of 2019 marks the chance to take up a new hobby, why not head to Holme Pierrepont Country Park. On the banks of the Trent, it is the Home of the National Water Sports Centre, where you can take up rowing, kayaking and more. The 270 acre site is amazing, we cannot recommend it enough.


Catch Some Sport

Nottingham is one of the most incredible sporting places, it is rich in history with both Notts County and Nottingham Forest playing within a short walk of each-other. Factor in an International Tennis tournament, a cricket ground and an ice hockey team alongside well invested University facilities and you have a world class sporting city. Perfect to take up a new hobby in the new year!


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