5 Cheap Winter Getaways

January is, time and money dependant, THE best time to travel. It is a time when flights and accommodation are cheaper than ever. In our latest list, we consider 5 of the most attractive winter escapes, with no one way flight costing more than £12.73.



The cultural capital of Europe,  Berlin is a ‘must see’ on any trip. Whether your interest is history or music, sport or art, architecture or nature, Berlin has something for everyone! With accommodation coming cheap, especially hostels, make the most of one of the most bustling European hotspots. 

We recommend: Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, Fernsehturm

One way flights from £9.78 (January)



Perhaps the cheapest city to fly to this month (Ryanair, £4.88), Oslo is certainly not one to miss. As the capital of Norway, it is not only historical but vibrant too. A green city, it is famous for its rich maritime history, numerous districts and the occasional Northern Light appearance. 

We recommend: Viking Ship Museum, Frogner Park, Ibsen Museum

One way flights from £4.88 (January)



Much like London, Paris is a tourist magnet. Its architecture is romanticised to a huge extent, many believe it to be the most beautiful city in the world. Art galleries, world renowned sights, museums and the finest food on the continent make it a perfect, semi-local getaway.

We recommend: Louvre, Montmarte, Place de la Bastille

One way coach from £12.00 (Year Round)



If Berlin is Germany’s cultural capital, then Hamburg is its alternative escape. A hotbed of liberalism, the city is one of THE most artistic, expressive and musical places in the world. Even their Football team (St Pauli) is founded on the idea of open mindedness, each game is not just a sporting Occassion but a true cultural explosion. Accommodation, beer, food and attractions are not just affordable but entirely unique. 

We recommend: Reeperbahn, Miniatur Wunderland, Elbe Tunnel, Port of Hamburg

One way flights from £12.73 (January)



Many believe it to be a summer city, but Barcelona is an attractive proposition all year round. Whether it is the endless possibilities of its beaches and seaside districts or its historical downtown area, the Catalonian centre is more enticing than ever. 

We recommend: La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, La Rambla

One way flights from £9.78 (January – Barcelona Reus)


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