This Feeling ‘Big In 2019’ – Glasgow Preview

This Feeling’s ‘Big In’ gigs are legendary, a perfect launching point for any band hoping to go big in the twelve months which follow. This year, we’re going to take a look at every band playing across six nights in four different cities. 

It all kicks off in Glasgow on Friday 18th January 2019:


The Van T’s

In your face alt rock, The Van T’s are wondrous. Touted as one of Scotland’s most promising new bands, the band take clear garage/shoegaze/grunge inspiration. Twins Hannah and Chloe lead a line up which is set to enjoy a fruitful 2019. Listen out for ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Suis-Je Cool?’ – both enticing, menacing and impressive. 

For fans of: Wolf Alice, Nirvana, The Lapelles



This Feeling’s ‘Big In 2019’ extravaganza marks the first time you can catch Alligator in Glasgow, which they refer to as a city of dreams and overpriced public transport. Neat contradictions aside, this band mean business! Having supported Slaves across Europe, this year sees the band ramp up proceedings with a tonne of festival sets. 

Listen out for ‘Shadow By Your Side,’ it is infectious and anthemic – no wonder it has already amassed over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

For fans of: Oasis, The Amazing Snakeheads, The Clash



Voodoos are very much onomatopoeic, their sound mimics their name. Compelling, provocative and at times hypnotic, it is no wonder they are being tipped for big things in 2019. They’ve been hitting the local airwaves for a number of years though it was latest EP Late Night Early Morning which truly took the Glasgow formed band to the next level.

‘Stockholm’ and ‘Garden Ornaments’ lead the way. Both are intriguing tracks suited best to the live setting.

For fans of: Spring King, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Sheafs



Sway’s sound is boisterous and rightfully so, it screams confidence from first note. Their blend of guitar and lyric is catchy and upbeat, check out debut single ‘To Be A Man’ and you’ll see how! They have an effortless ability to change pace, as seen in ‘Haven.’

The band have gone from strength to strength. Latest single ‘Haven’ is not only their most mature, but its nostalgic qualities make it perfect for the live setting.

For fans of: Vistas, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Courteeners



Fast paced and raucous, Shredd wouldn’t sound out of place on the highways of LA. Their sound is not only infectious, but atmospheric too. ‘Messed Up’ is the perfect example of this, as is ‘What’s This I See?’ 

January’s ‘Big In 2019’ gig marks the beginning of a huge year for the Glasgow band. They are onto something special!

For fans of: Fidlar, Starcrawler, Slaves



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