The rise of Calva Louise

London is home to a spectacular music scene and Calva Louise are at its forefront. With a debut album coming in the next month and a year of touring to follow, 2019 is set to be somewhat of a breakthrough for the captivating trio.

Powerful, venomous and expressive, front-woman Jess Allanic leads the Calva Louise revolution. Vocally she is incredible. From gritty, grunge inspired choruses to scorching, screaming verses, the band only take inspiration from the best. 

Their sound is captivating and unique, ‘Getting Closer’ is the perfect starting point for a new listener. Upbeat, echoey and driven, it bears all the hallmarks of a classic. A fuzzy opening guitar riff mixes with an expressive bass-line and youth defining lyricism. ‘Im Gonna Do Well’ has similar qualities. The band are able to capture the imagination of listeners both young and old with nostalgic wordplay. 



The London based band signed to Modern Sky in 2018. On the face of it, it is the perfect match. The Liverpool based record company are becoming industry leaders in the promotion of upcoming bands. Their roster is impressive to say the least. It includes SPINN and the Slow Readers Club. Label-mates also include The Blinders, to whom Calva Louise recently supported in venues across the country. Modern Sky is unique in their cross media promotion of bands, they are revolutionising the DIY industry which a refreshing modern approach to music management.

In the vaulted underground of a Warholian basement or the cavernous warehouses of New York, there is no place in which Calva Louise’s sound would sound out of place. They are at times awe inspiring, never breaking the fourth wall yet constantly keeping gig goers on their feet. Their live set is vibrant, very rarely does ones sound convert from studio to venue with such ease.

“Hotly anticipated Rhinoceros will no doubt become one of the musical highlights of 2019.”

Don’t believe us? Ask one of the many who saw the trio at a festival last year. Their touring commitments only prove a desire to reach the very top. It also proves that there is an ever growing fan base for the band, and rightly so. Festival appearances at Sound City, Isle of Wight and Tramlines proved that the trio can stand ground amongst other elite touring bands. Support slots alongside the likes of Strange Bones and The Blinders also emphasises their growing momentum.

It is a growing momentum which Calva Louise will capitalise upon in 2019 with the release of debut album Rhinoceros. Produced by Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Goat Girl), the album is a collection of hits both new and old. A collection of ten songs, it aims to express the perception of young people in a globalised world. Hotly anticipated, it will no doubt become one of the musical highlights of 2019.

‘I Heard A Cry’ adumbrates the intrinsic capabilities of Rhinoceros. Released late 2018, it gives us a glimpse into the current standing of the band. Fast paced, upbeat and catchy, it distances itself from the grunge-like masterpieces that is ‘Getting Closer.’ ‘Tug Of War’ too is flourishing. Perhaps their best piece of work to date, it is mature and expressive. It acts as the bands metaphorical CV, expressing all of their music strong points in no less than 2 minutes 39 seconds.



You must experience Calva Louise’s live offering first hand. Short and sweet, they keep you wanting more and more. Changing pace in track leads to a frenzy in the crowd. Immersive! From Iggy Pop to Blondie, Queens of the Stone Age to Simon and Garfunkel, it is no surprise that their sound is both varied and mature. However, their sound is truly atypical, they are not a copycat band and instead stand unique in their own right.

It may be a cliche, but the sky is truly the limit for Calva Louise.  The metaphorical glass ceiling will surely shatter when Rhinoceros drops on 1st February 2019.


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