Feral Family kick off 2019 with ‘Feed The Machine’

Dynamic, exciting and elusive are all words which describe Feral Family. They kick of 2019 with latest offering ‘Feed The Machine.’ 

The Sheffield trio return with their fourth outing, perhaps their best yet. Catchy, menacing guitar riffs open a track so powerful it may blow your mind. Dark vocals clash with an expressive chorus bearing all the elements of Feral Family’s ever impressive sound.



‘Feed The Machine’ follows the releases of 2018 singles ‘It’s All Fake’ and ‘Sasquatch.’ The former is revolutionary and hypnotic. Both have gained support on the airwaves and in the live venue alike. BBC Introducing in Sheffield are already supporters of a band who’s touring commitments have gone from strength to strength over the past 365 days or so. 

Last year saw the band ramp up their live outings, supporting the likes of Strange Bones, Sheafs and False Heads. They were integral to the nationally respected Tramlines Fringe events as well as a trip over the channel to Paris where they hit The Truskel in style.


“This is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in months!”


Feral Family recently signed to the ever growing These Bloody Thieves Records. Working alongside Ditto Music, they shall be overseeing the trio’s releases for the foreseeable future. With a list of supporting names in their ranks, it is clear that the Sheffield outfit are set for an exciting 2019.

Relevant and intrinsic, ‘Feed The Machine’ is at times heavy. Its riffs are courageous and immersive, suited to both record and the live setting. Its ability to change pace is both musically mature and entirely uplifting. This is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in months!


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Image via Feral Family

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