7 Female Artists You Need In Your Life Right Now

In celebration of International Women’s Day, here’s 7 Female Artists you need in your life right now!


 Julia Jacklin

 The kind of songstress I wish I’d stumbled across when I was 17 Julia Jacklin is fearlessly emotive, her songs like shrugging the weight of your shoulders when you finally manage to say how you really feel. Her warm vocals swoon around instinctive lyrics, rising in insouciant melodies over warm, waxing guitars. She is the kind of songwriter who can capture her sentiment in a single sentence. “I’ll say it ’til he understands, you can love somebody without using your hands.”



Self Esteem

 Slow Club’s Rebecca Lucy Taylor returned to the scene in 2017 as Self Esteem with the single, Your Wife, but her debut album Compliments Please is worlds apart from any of her previous musical ventures. 

More than an exploration of the self, with all its intricate harmonies and indie pop production Compliments Please is a realisation, a celebration of the self which Taylor is reveling in. 



The Greeting Committee 

 It is front woman Addie Sartino’s who draws you into this Kansas City four piece. Her vocals tender reverberations over lackadaisical indie grooves, a strange sort of melancholy pooling in the undertones. 

Having released their debut album This Is It in 2018 they are currently embarking on a tour in the US, though much to our dismay there are currently no UK dates as of yet. 




 Ex:Re is Daughter’s Elena Tonra, all her vulnerabilities softly spoken and suspired in hotel rooms and pulsing hallways entwined with glistening instrumentation to realise her stunning debut album. With each song a string of over-thoughts articulated beautifully, this is more than just “another breakup album.” Its understated and immersive her silences saying just as much as her spectral guitar, her mournful alto curving round the monologues of her subconscious. 




 Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridges, and Lucy Dacus are long since used to being carelessly thrown into the same music genre, with lazy comparisons constantly being made between them despite their solo works speaking books of individualism.  Their union as boygenius is however, far from careless with even their name a provocative smirk in the direction of anyone who would be quick to call a male musician a genius, whilst dismissing every girl with a guitar as “girl indie.” 

boygenius sees three captivating artists melt together perfectly, their voices blending effortlessly into glowing harmonies, their lyrics overlapping, each line swelling and receding over and into the next. 




 “Too inappropriate for pop,” Evangeline Ling, a 21-year-old art student from Wimbledon is the front woman of this disquieting London duo. Stretching surreal life stories over strange oscillations Ling flits sporadically between through the looking glass pop songs and intoxicating pieces of performance art. Drawing influence from disconnected narratives stored as texts on her phone, and the darker side of 80s synth pop, audiobooks are true creatives, in a class of their own. 



Girl in Red

 Norway’s Marie Ulven has been releasing sentimentally sweet bedroom pop since 2016, but her 2018 single Girls with its jejune expressions of sexuality and youthful romance enchanting you, is perhaps my favourite of her songs. She is romantic, nostalgic and unapologetically in love with girls, and it’s her adorations, her simplistic declarations of sexuality coalescing with her mellow tones, that really touch you and draw you in. Her music presents a beautifully female perception of sexuality which is held so close to the hearts of so many young women around the world, and yet so rarely expressed in pop music, which makes her one of the most important musicians of her generation.




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Image via Primary Talent


Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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