Life In Sound #002 | Roves

Celebrating the release of debut EP, ‘a strung out pilot,’ roves are earmarked to go far in 2019. Characterised by their signature atmospheric ambient sad songs, the Berkshire based band are looking to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sundara Karma through their powerfully infectious sounds.

We caught up with Ethan as part of the second edition of Life In Sound series.


———————————— Introduction ————————————


What is your name?

I’m Ethan from roves

What do you do?

I sing and play guitar

Where are you from?

Reading, Berkshire 

Describe yourself in four words?

Atmospheric, ambient sad songs


———————————— Music ————————————


Let’s start with the first album you fell in love with? 

The first album I truly fell in love with was Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto. I don’t even think it is their best record but it’s the first album I remember putting on and solely listening to that on repeat for about three hours one night after school in my bedroom. I’m an unashamed fan and they were the first band I saw live on that tour which makes that record all the more special

And the album you are hooked on right now?

Better Oblivion Community Center’s self titled record. It was released out of the blue a couple weeks back and was a record I never knew I needed until I heard it. As a fan of both Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, I was so glad to see them playing together again. Their voices work perfectly together and I feel like this will influence my writing for a while.

You hail from Reading, does any song come to mind when you think of the city? Why so?

Sundara Karma’s ‘Happy Family’ is definitely the first track that comes to mind. Obviously they also come from Reading and as well as seeing them live a bunch of times, their set at Reading 2017 blew me away. This song also reminds me of that summer and enjoying complete freedom back then.





roves have a powerful sound… which artists do you take inspiration from?

Jeff Buckley is always the first artist that comes to mind as a shared inspiration across the band but artists such as Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Biffy Clyro and obviously older bands such as The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac hold a huge part of our hearts. 

You can steal any song and make it your own… which one would it be and why?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the trailer for that Yesterday movie came out the other day. It’s gotta be ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac right? I remember my Dad showing me that song when I was 8 or 9 and being blown away by it, still gets to me now. 

You’ve played a fair bit over the past year or so… of all the bands you have played alongside, who have you been most impressed with?

China Bears and that’s probably the easiest answer I’ve given so far. Lucky enough to now call them our friends but you can expect huge things from them. Probably the band I’ve been to see the most over the last year, just waiting for new music from them. 

You can take two of your icons on a night out…

  1. Who would you take?

That’s a tough question but probably Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney

  1. Where would you take them and why?

A pub open mic night with a full set up, even got the pub in mind, although maybe it leads to Wokingham’s infamous pub crawl as I’d probably be out of my depth after a while at the open mic. 

A good few pints as well as playing and talking music with those two artists would be incredible and I feel like both of them would really be in their element and I’d love to just get the opportunity to talk all things music with them. 

roves seem to place a lot of emphasis on friendship. Which song best describes friendship within the band?

It seems a weird one to pick seeing as it has no lyrics but ‘i’ on our EP is the first song that comes to mind. I remember that song coming together in one rehearsal and all of us looking around smiling at each other in a particular period of time of summer where music and the band was all encompassing and this song was defining the direction we were heading in. 




Which iconic gig would you like to time travel back to and why?

My mind goes straight to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock but I’m going to pick Queen at Live Aid in 1985. After seeing Bohemian Rhapsody in cinema and having watched that whole set hundreds of time over it’s easy to argue that it’s one of the best live performances of all time.

At the end of the night, which song gets played last?

If it’s a roves set then we’re playing ‘always’ at the end of every set without fail. That song inspires a huge singalong and a sense of euphoria to finish the night. But if we’re talking about a song that can finish a night perfectly when all has gone calm then ‘First Day Of My Life’ will always be that song for me.

 An alien lands on earth tonight, which roves song do you play them first?

I think for us ‘beneath my skin’ defines everything about the bands sound. It was the song that Connor (our guitarist) and I wrote first in my bedroom almost three years ago, which inspired us to start this band and was the first demo we released on soundcloud. It feels full circle that this song still defines our sound and so we had to use the lyric from the song ‘a strung out pilot’ to name the EP.


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Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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