Click On This: Shura, Trampolene, Sheafs, The Clause & More!

‘Click On This’ is a collection of our favourite songs here at Click HQ. We update each Sunday. Have a suggestion? Want your music featured? Do let us know! You can follow daily via our Instagram stories (ClickMusic_UK) or via the Spotify link below.


Shura – The Stage

Shura’s second LP Forevher dissolves the boundaries of gender and sexuality to create a series of love-songs relatable to everything. ‘The Stage’ is one of the most upbeat, a personal tale of an early date in New York. It is exciting and offers hope to all!


Trampolene – Imagine Something Yesterday

Trampolene may not have any new tunes out, but we want to share the love anyway! ‘Imagine Something Yesterday’ is one of our favourites, it offers hope in times of darkness. Quite literally, a mash up of Beatles related song titles too!


Sheafs – Popular Music

‘Popular Music’ carries on where Sheafs left off. A short break leaves them hungrier than ever, their brand of anthemic rock is second to none. This one is best suited to one of Sheafs’ frantic live shows, their USP.


The Clause – In My Element

The Clause lead a Birmingham scene which is more fruitful than ever. Their latest single ‘In MY Element’ is their best yet. Melodic and upbeat, it takes the formula of many indie greats and improves upon it. For fans of The Courtneers, Reverend & The Makers and Kasabian.


Headclouds – Marmalade

If a song could omit the aura of a condiment, then this is it. ‘Marmalade’ is heavenly, a soft yet groovy release with epitomes of all things orange. A perfect anthem well suited to the festival setting.


JW Paris – Fly

‘Fly’ is hard hitting, possessive of moody guitar riffs and poignant lyricism. It builds atmosphere with ease, a real dark offering. JW Paris are evolving, their sound is nothing short of impressive.



What tracks should we be listening to? Let us know:



Photo: Shura by Hollie Fernando


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