#ClickNews: Secret Dave Grohl Gig, September Album Guide, Knebworth 2020?

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Dave Grohl Plays London’s Moth Club

Last Friday saw the famous Foo Fighter play a tiny, secret gig at London’s Moth Club. The night celebrated the return of Club NME, and also saw St Leonard take the stage.

In truth, it was somewhat of a Rick-Grohl, a strange collaboration between the American and 80s Pop start Rick Astley. They switched between drums and guitar, running through an impromptu setlist of Foo Fighters classics.

‘Everlong’ and ‘Best of You’ both made an appearance, but the highlight was surely a strange rendition of Astley’s 1987 hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

Stranger things have happened!


Knebworth 2020

You can’t seem to touch the news without stumbling across another Oasis reunion rumour. This time, it’s Liam Gallagher who has once again hinted at a return to Knebworth in 2020. 
It may seem out of the blue, but interaction between the two brothers has recently been intense. It comes just months after the elder Gallagher, Noel, accused the lead singer of sending threatening texts to daughter, Anais. 

Clearly, we’re a long way form an Oasis reunion. Maybe it will never happen. One can only assume that PR teams are recklessly playing on the hopes of many as Liam Gallagher gears up for September’s release of Why Me? Why Not, his second solo offering.


September Album Guide

In Vogue, the September issue is it’s most illustrious. Similar trends are found in music, a month when the year’s biggest albums finally drop. Here’s just some of our picks:

Iggy Pop – Free

Iggy Pop is legendary. Free marks his 18th studio release. If lead single ‘James Bond’ is anything to go by, it may be one of his more memorable.

Barns Courtney – 404

Surprisingly big in America, Courtney is yet to ht the big time this side of the pond. In spite of this, his early singles are anthemic – ‘Fire,’ for example. 404, released 6th September, marks his second LP release.


Liam Gallagher – Why Me? Why Not

The Oasis man returns with his second solo offering. With reception mixed, is it make or break for the legendary frontman?

Temples – Hot Motion

With uncanny resemblance to T-Rex, Temples are unique in the modern music sphere. Insanely talented, this album will no doubt be spectacular. Listen to lead single ‘Hot Motion’ and judge for yourself!


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