#ClickNews: The Libertines, Reading & Leeds Highlights

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Tue: Reading & Leeds Highlights

Thu: The Greatest Libertines Song Ever?


What is the Greatest Libertines Song of All Time?

We recently asked the most subscribed Libertines fan group on Facebook (Libertines, Shamblers, Poets And Artists (from Albion To shangrila)) for their favourite Libertines song. And boy, do they have many. From Up The Bracket to Anthems For Doomed Youth, their career spans nearly two decades.

Below are the top 10 Libertines songs of all time, voted by the fans:

10. What A Waster

At number ten, this comes as a surprise. ‘What A Waster’ is perhaps the unofficial anthem of all long time Libertines fans, an early single not found on any album.

9. Music When The Lights Go Out

Another surprise, ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ is a live favourite, a beautiful exploration of friendship, love and lust.

8. The Man Who Would Be King

The follow up to ‘Tell The King,’ this is fast and furious. The epitome of second LP The Libertines.

7. Up The Bracket

Maybe the biggest anthem of 2002? Up The Bracket is an audible representation of the chaotic beauty which surrounded the band in this era.



6. The Good Old Days

We’re surprised this one isn’t higher. It is the perfect representation of Pete and carl’s relationship. Chaotic, yet long lasting.

5. Death On The Stairs

Carl Barat’s favourite song off Up The Bracket no less. A lyrical mixture of desperation, hope and optimism.

4. Heart Of The Matter

The only time an Anthems For Doomed Youth song features in the top 10. It has become a fan favourite, somewhat surprisingly. Is it a sign of things to come?



3. You’re My Waterloo

The MOST beautiful Libertines song, play it to a loved one on a daily basis if you can!

2. Horrorshow

As the set opener, ‘Horrorshow’ is the first point of call in the live setting. A real blinder, served best in Hyde Park in front of 65,000 people.

1. Time For Heroes

The worlds worst kept secret. Time For Heroes is the ultimate Libertines song and most likely the greatest song of the 00s era!



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Reading & Leeds Highlights

Damn, how is festival season over already? This weekend’s Reading & Leeds Festival capped another memorable summer of live music. Here are 5 of our highlights.


Childcare was this year’s surprise package. Their sound is both dynamic and intriguing, tracks such as ‘Omega Grey’ and ‘Man Down’ boast star quality. A nightmare for security (cc: Ed Cares’ stage climbing antics), one can only assume that this band will enjoy a fruitful musical career.

The 1975

The 1975 are the country’s most loved, and most hated band. In spite of this, their Reading and Leeds headline set was spell bounding and headline hitting. Opening with new track ‘People,’ it was clear they’d arrived with strong intentions. Quite frankly, they redefine their sound often, subvert genres and take risks. Why shouldn’t they be headlining?



Most of the current crop of indie bands owe a lot to Peace, they headlined the Festival Republic stage with one eye on the past. With a setlist made up of hits, hits, and more hits, Tracks such as ‘Follow Baby’ and ‘Wraith’ which took festival-goers back to 2015.


Vistas’ brand of upbeat indie-pop is nostalgic and entirely special. They filled out the Festival Republic tent early on, obtaining the stage’s largest crowd on Friday afternoon in Leeds. Tracks such as ‘Calm’ and ‘Tigerblood’ stole the show, truly perfect in the festival setting.


The true Reading & Leeds headliner, Dave was both captivating and entirely relevant. ‘Funky Friday’ may have hit number 1 in 2018 but its legacy is overwhelming, one of the tracks of this summer!




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