London Giglist: 02/09 – 09/09

London is a hotbed of gigs, perhaps the best music city in the world. Here are just some of the events we’ve got our eye on this week!

02/09: The S.L.P

Celebrating the release of his new self-titled solo album, Serge Lorenzo Pizzorno returns to London for a night of conversation, record signing and an acoustic set. How will Pizzorno fair away from Kasabian? 

Where? Rough Trade East (Shoreditch)


05/09: Pete Doherty & Carl Barat

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are one of Britain’s great musical duos. They return to Hackney Empire as part of a special night of acoustic music. Surrounded by 1000 candles, we’re sure it will be a relatively relaxed affair, with hits aplenty. 

Where? Hackney Empire (Hackney)


05/09:  Dizzy Lizzy Presents: The Family Dog, Happymess

Expect a fusion of rock, punk and pop as Dizzy Lizzy Presents once more returns to Nambucca. Topping the bill is The Family Dog, four brothers from Barnet oozing with vibes of Kings of Leon and youthful energy. Happymess also feature, mixing elements of punk and pop.

Where? Nambucca (Holloway Road)

06/09: Fire In Her Eyes

Fire In Her Eyes feature in our playlist #ClickOnThis. They are exceptional, a psychedelic throwback to the 70s. Expect a night of a night full of music, madness, art and good vibes.

Where? The Monarch (Camden)


07/09: This Feeling: Lighthouse

Lighthouse are one of London’s most enigmatic bands. With a new EP, Welcoming Town, and live presence worth noting, it is clear that the bands are set for a fruitful few years. Think Palma Violets and The Rifles meet The Libertines in the back room of a North London pub.

Where? The Water Rats (Kings Cross)


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