Click On This: Lana Del Rey, Phosphenes, Luvia & More!

‘Click On This’ is a collection of our favourite songs here at Click HQ. We update each Sunday. Have a suggestion? Want your music featured? Do let us know! You can follow daily via our Instagram stories (ClickMusic_UK) or via the Spotify link below.


The Jacques – Kiss The Pharaoh

Dark, gritty and reminiscent of a musical atmosphere only found south of the river. ‘Kiss The Pharaoh’ is the best example of The Jacques’ ever evolving sound, perhaps their most fruitful offering yet…


Valeras – Your Honey

‘Your Honey’ is infectious, perfect for hazy Sunday afternoons. It’s verse it Mac Demarco-esque, contrasting to a powerful, euphoric chorus. 


Luvia – Kiss

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Luvia’s ‘Kiss’ was conceived on the beaches of California. It is exceptional, emotive and suited best to hit Hollywood film soundtracks.


Phosphenes – Loveless

One of Nottingham’s coolest new bands, Phosphenes’ sound is explorative and atmospheric. ‘Loveless,’ their debut outing, is the epitome of their high potential sound.


Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell

Lana recently released her latest album Norman Fucking Rockwell! It’s opener and title track is one of her best yet, chord-ally beautiful with ethereal shimmers.



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