Click On This: Apre, The Novus, Hoofa & More!

‘Click On This’ is a collection of our favourite songs here at Click HQ. We update each Sunday. Have a suggestion? Want your music featured? Do let us know! You can follow daily via our Instagram stories (ClickMusic_UK) or via the Spotify link below.


Apre – 5 to 5

Apre’s musical evolution is thought provoking, ‘5 to 5’ is the perfect snapshot of a band on the verge of something quite special. Purposefully repetitive, it explores the hardship of monotonous modern life in their most though-provoking release to date.


The Novus – PMF

The Novus represent the middle ground between 80s alt-rock and modern post-punk. Intense, strenuous and entirely menacing, ‘PMF’ is a sign of things to come. They recently played their largest hometown gig to date and are set to take the country by storm as 2019 grows old.


Hoofa – Frustrated Love

Hoofa’s sound is infectious. Making big waves in London and beyond, ‘Frustrated Love’ represents a key point in the duo’s musical evolution. It is dynamic, atmospheric and immensely addictive. A must listen!


Dollie Demi – B Ur Gal 

Dollie Demi’s upbeat, manic sound is unique. Combine this with messages of feminism and togetherness and you have something quite special. ‘B Ur Gal’ is the perfect starting point for a new listener, crunchy guitar chords mix with crunching lyricism in impressive manner.


Idle Noise – Everybody Gets Famous

Idle Noise are genuinely exciting. Their indie sounds are nostalgic, but there is an element of relevance which make them huge prospects. ‘Everybody Gets Famous’ epitomises their sound, a perfect festival anthem!



Which artists should we add to the next #CLICKONTHIS playlist update?



Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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