Volunteering at Glastonbury

Getting tickets to Glastonbury is a euphoric occasion, months of pent up angst released in a matter of seconds. However, this leaves many thousands of people ticketless, yet still wishing to enter the hallowed farm come June.

Beyond the absurd (climbing the fence, hiding in a suitcase, etc) volunteering and working at Glastonbury is the best and most fruitful way to get into the festival without a ticket. Now appears to be the best time to apply too. Thus, here are some of the options you should consider:


WaterAid has been essential to Glastonbury since 1994. The charity aim to raise global awareness and provide clean water, good toilets and hygiene to all.

Roles include the famous Loo Crew, water refilling at Kiosks, signing festival-goers up to mailing lists, etc. Fun and rewarding, the charity will give you a fruitful festival with likeminded people all wishing to change the world for the better.

Details: https://www.wateraid.org/uk/get-involved/volunteering/festival-volunteering



Shelter aims to stop the homelessness crisis across the UK. Every 10 minutes a British family lose their home. Their work at Glastonbury is essential, last time around they raised over £40,000 through the help of volunteers. 

Shelter partner with Avalon Bars & Events at the festival and will be taking 400 volunteers to the festival. 

Details: https://england.shelter.org.uk/support_us/events/volunteer_at_glastonbury



Oxfam are imperative to the festival operation whilst at the same time sharing all the values of Glastonbury’s heart. In return, Eavis & Co support Oxfam operations abroad in nations such as Kenya, Mozambique and Gambia. 

Oxfam usually recruit stewards at the festival. You can register interest now.

Details: https://oxfamapps.org/festivals/festivals/glastonbury.php




Festaff work with a number of UK festival, providing job roles such as campsite stewarding, wrist-banding, ticket scanning and bar positions. This year, they will return to Glastonbury with a large team of like minded volunteers.

However, to be eligible they ask that you volunteer with them beforehand, usually at two festivals the year before. 

Details: https://www.festaff.co.uk/news/glastonbury-2019-application-info-volunteer


Glastonbury Recycling Crew

With 175,000 people on site, the litter picking and recycling crew have a large job. The festival, of course, handles its waste in a sustainable way. 

Glastonbury Recycling crew asks for 24 hours of work in returns for a festival worker’s pass. Applications are on halt at the minute, but the system may be opened if necessary. 

Details: http://www.recyclingcrew.co.uk/how-does-it-work/


DC Site Services

DC Site Services have paid and volunteer positions available at Glastonbury. Usually, they involve road management in and around the festival site.

Details: https://www.dcsiteservices.com/staff-and-volunteers/staff/



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