Click On This: Spinn, The Lutras, Edits & More!

‘Click On This’ is a collection of our favourite songs here at Click HQ. We update each Sunday. Have a suggestion? Want your music featured? Do let us know! You can follow daily via our Instagram stories (ClickMusic_UK) or via the Spotify link below.


SPINN – Who You Are (Acoustic)

SPINN’s brand of jangly indie-pop is timeless. With guitar riffs reminiscent of early Johnny Marr and powerful melodies to match, it is clear that their musical formula is something quite unique. With that in mind, their acoustic EP is a welcome distraction. Their reworking of ‘Who You Are’ is subtle, but nonetheless genius. 


The Lutras – Vari

Self described as a personal song for the hopeless romantics and day-dreamers, ‘Vari’ is underpinned by elements of youthful lust and a shared love of rock and roll. The Scottish quartet’s previous single amassed over 100,000 combined streams, making them one of the country’s hot new prospects in the process.


Black Calavera – Cigarette

Black Calavera’s clever, in your face brand of alt-rock channels numerous inspirations and takes many guises. ‘Cigarette,’ their second single, is punchy. Fast paced and lyrically intrepid. The London based band have made waves in 2019!


Edits – Burn

Edits are unique, they blur the boundaries between alt-rock and synth in order to create something quite mesmerising. The Manchester duo not only take inspiration from the city’s rich musical history, but still offer personal ambitions. ‘Burns’ ambitiously invests in feelings of freedom and invincibility.


The Waah Kin Tribe – Mundane Mardy Life

The Waah Kin Tribe lead Scunthorpe’s indie rock revolution. ‘Mundane Mardy Life’ is reminiscent of early Courteeners mixed with a splash of Ton Grennan for good measure. Their hit at mundanity is, however, far more explicit. The track is an impressive snapshot of life and its formalities. 


Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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