Click On This: Hannah Cohen, Tiña, Catholic Action & More!

Click On This is our diverse new music playlist. Curated by only the most obsessive of music fans at Click HQ, it is a unique collection of our favourite music in 2020. From one music lover to another, do spread any song from this definitive list should you like it because, after all, without community music is nothing…


Hannah Cohen – Get In Line

There is an ethereal quality to Hannah Cohen’s sound. Taken from third album Welcome Home, ‘Get In Line’ has a mirage-like musical atmosphere. In spite of such tranquility, lyrically it represents the mundanity of urban life in the 21st century. Quite frankly, this track, and the whole album for that matter, is a pleasurable listen.


Tiña – Dip

On first listen, Tiña’s ‘Dip’ takes you to the streets and pub back rooms of SE London. It has an aura of relevance, a hit at modern life’s overbearing social complexities. Such a theme is becoming all the more relevant as 2020 hits fruition. Released under the Speedy Wunderground umbrella, they find themselves in the country’s most reinvigorating label.


Catholic Action – People Don’t Protest Enough

Glasgow’s Catholic Action are inspired by everything from Krautrock to 80s synths. Combine this with a vicious call to arms, ‘People Don’t Protest Enough’ is both relevant and entirely mesmeric. Bouncy and surprisingly somewhat upbeat, it is perhaps a sign of this to come from the Modern Sky signed band. 


Fever – Money Love

‘Money Love’ oozes with confidence, a real in-your-face guitar banger. Anthemic and boisterous, this one is suited best to a small venues dark back rooms, though no doubt wouldn’t sound out of place on the largest of festival stages. An astute signing to Blossoms’ Very Clever Records label.


Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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