Click On This: Dan Lyons, Feet, The Novus

There’s something in the air these days, not Coronavirus, but a sense of optimism within the British music scene. How? You ask. The decadence of modern Britain is inspiring art of all kinds. We are becoming connected again. Music will always be a voice for the masses, especially in the internet age.

Below are some of my favourite new tracks, with an eye on political consciousness. We want a revolution!

Dan Lyons – Biarritz

Dan Lyons is a clever, relevant and switched-on storyteller. Think Serge Gainsbourg if he lived in Margate, dwelling in the curious cafes and vintage stores and making swift trips to London or native France. Lyons’ fusion of sound, lyric and poetical musings are not only unique, but form an exceptional listening experience in debut album SubSuburbia.

‘Biarritz’ is one of its true highlights. Joyous instrumental transports the listener to the Southern France. Antithetically is its dark lyrics, well formed characters and vivid imagery present the downfall of short-lived romance.

“There seems to be a problem in the place in which we live…”


Feet – English Weather

I first felt obliged to listen to a Feet song via their engaging twitter presence. Social media is, quite clearly, an ever engaging tool. Predictably, I was drawn to ‘English weather.’ Musically, it is joyous. With captivating vocals and a bass line worth a little more than a kidney ($262,000 dollars each, google it), there is something desperately exciting about the Coventry formed band.

Punk turned groove is a phrase which can describe many current touring bands. Though in Feet’s case, it is there charismatic live presence which sets them apart from contemporaries. Playful, beautiful and desperately exciting.


The Novus – Frosty

The Novus have always been likeable. They are relentless, hard working and insanely relevant. ‘Frosty’ balances the periphery of the underground whilst channeling head-bending guitar riffs and hard hitting chorus. 

Birmingham as a music scene is thriving, The Novus are leading its charge! 



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Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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