Click On This: The Greeting Committee, Post Rome, Tiger Mimic

The music industry is coming together. If anyone was to show solidarity, it would be us. From venues to bands, labels to charitable organisation, there is a need for forward-thinking, positivity and resourcefulness. I hope that our #CLICKONTHIS series can be source for your new musical needs.

If you fall outside the key worker category, stay at home. Think about our most vulnerable. You can be a life saver. Sod the Dunkirk-sprit, this virus is not sentient. 

#CLICKONTHIS updates every two days. Soon, all additions will be collated in playlist form. bear with us! Todays three:


The Greeting Committee – Is This It

There is a sense of ironic hopefulness in ‘Is This It.’ As we all frequent a world of self isolation and reflection, perhaps the current situation gives it new meaning. Instrumental and lyrics combine to create a dreamy world of rhetoric.
The Greeting Committee are a creative force. ‘Is This It’ is the perfect starting point for any new listener.


Post Rome – Different Kids

‘Different Kids’ is bouncey and upbeat, best suited to an endless summer (assuming we get one). Lyrically, it tracks the process of growing up, learning and reflection. Musically, it beams radiance. Guitar, drum beat and synth combine in earnest.

The Sunderland formed trio are energetic, diverse and interconnected by life long friendship.


Tiger Mimic – Elephant Skeleton

Elephant Skeleton opens with a joyous guitar riff, one the guitar gods would be proud of. Instantly, one expects a kind of indie anthem to play out. Oh no, absolutely not! What follows is a psychedelic journey, one which garners an aura of mystery through lyric and voice. 

In truth, the track matches their name. Tiger Mimic are a conglomerate of musical styles. They blend genre and inspiration in effortless fashion. 


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Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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