Meatraffle – Oh Corona

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Meatraffle are South London’s leading eclectic musical connoisseurs and for good reason. ‘Oh Corona’ is a fun take on a destitute situation. 

Brixton Windmill favourites, born in a Wetherspoons and proprietors of seminal Leninist imagery are all phrases which describe an outfit hot off the release of 2019s well received Bastard Music. Whether it be live or through enterprising social media offerings, Meatraffle are universally loved.  

Dystopian reality is ditched for a joyous, reggae infused guitar riff as ‘Oh Corona’ tinges on the periphery of irony. Atypical of their usual offering, it still boasts their idiosyncratic brand of remarkable, clever and intriguing lyricism.

The revolutionary band sit in the upper echelons of music folklore south of the river. April saw them set to take SXSW by storm, though the global pandemic put a swift stop to such an excursion. In spite of that, their live outings have been relentless, with Roadkill’s All-Dayer being the first point of call once lockdown lifts.

Meatraffle’s world is one of fantasy and wonder, their brand of sound is well suited to the volatile nature of the current global crisis.

‘Oh Corona’ via Youtube


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