The Jacques – I Never Want to Be Your Boyfriend

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The Jacques are a musical chameleon, their sound has evolved rapidly and in good taste. ‘I Never Want to Be Your Boyfriend’ is one of their best yet, a colossal amalgamation of effect ridden guitar and blunt lyricism.

Named after a French revolution greeting and formed over six years ago, it is clear that the once Bristol band have great touring experience. Having moved to London, explored in sound and established new cultural links, their well-formed music-scape has arisen.

The fuzzy, inter-wining blend of guitar, bass and drum is stereotypical to a modern Jacques song. Husky lyricism mix with synth in sublime fashion. Reinvention comes in many forms. The Jacques’ is sublime. 

The Modern Sky band found themselves mid tour as Covid-19 swept across the country. In spite of this, they are continuing to garner great reputation at home and abroad, with Europe being a touring playground for the exciting outfit.

‘I Never Want to Be You Boyfriend’ is part of Born Sore EP, released February 2020. 


‘I Never Want To Be You Boyfriend’ via Youtube


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