Click On This 001: A Ramble


Lockdown has hit its 30s. Day 31 to be precise. Let’s face it, we should be in the 50s/60s. Our government was slow to react. Last night’s Panorama documentary is damning. In truth, I am feeling particularly revolutionary today. 

The music industry is in a delicate space right now. Venues need financial support now more than ever. The big companies will survive, but it is the grassroots where culture is harboured most which is in true danger.

I believe we need to support grassroots artists now more than ever, we can do this collectively. I’m sure Alex Turner is fine in his LA retreat. Noel Gallagher is probably doing ok in whichever grassy home-county he currently resides in. The younger Gallagher, well, the less said about him the better.

It is the smaller artist who need support the most and you can do this. Just shout about them, man. Tweet about them. Share their songs, their social media links. Tell your friends how much you love them. Right now, everything counts because, at the end of the day, our grassroots music scene will be one of the first the establishment sacrifice in the name of post-Covid economy.

Above is a twenty minute ramble, the origins of our new Click On This podcast series. 




Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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