Hoofa – Alone

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Hoofa’s brand of joyous, upbeat indie is at times nostalgic. Yet, ‘Alone’ feels like a coming of age. A delightful provocation of raw ambi-pop.

The London based duo are dynamic and entirely exciting. From relentless touring, forward-thinking campaigns and a musical ethos which centres on togetherness, it is clear that unlike many contemporaries, they are ‘clued up, innit.’

Recorded at Hoofa HQ, their home studio and all round operations base, ‘Alone’ does indeed represent a turning point. It is exceptionally well produced, lyrically progressive and creates entire atmospheres amongst ones mind.

Slowly uplifting, its extenuating build up gives way to an exceptionally powerful main body. Bloody hell, I love it!

With pandemic elongating and restrictions remaining tight, it is a shame to see Hoofa’s summer plans be postponed. In spite of this, one can only assume that, much like a Victorian London magician, their are many tricks yet up Hoofa’s metaphorical sleeve.

Out now.

Check out ‘Alone’ on Soundcloud.


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