Lazarus Kane – Night Walking

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Lazarus Kane’s tale of enchanting gonzo-pop continues with ‘Night Walking.’ A catchy take best suited to lascivious late nights in dim, underground nightspots.

Fronted by Mr Kane, the musical outfit are capturing minds and garnering a reputation across the country. At times, they exist as a performance art-piece, so surreal is the imagery surrounding their intrepid existence.

In ‘Night Walking,’ A gnarly disco bop is displaced with frantic vocal and desperately well formed guitar use. Kane’s brand of vocal is none too different to an Elvis impersonator operating on the tail end of the Blackpool strip. And yes, this is entirely beautiful in its own right. 

Exhilarating in the studio, it is in the live setting where the London based outfit are most enchanting. At times, one feels uncomfortable at one with their sound in a hypnotic manner. On stage elopes a scene of utter hysteria, as if Ken Kesey’s band of merry pranksters had just wandered into the Brixton Windmill.

With this year’s touring season now somewhat of a void, it is fortunate that the intrigue of their live outings extends to their online presence. Lazarus Kane prides himself on immeasurable third person rants and social media updates, giving us an insight into all the works.

Lazarus Kane is a utopian dream for all new music fans, ‘Night Walking’ is fun, lustful and oozing with music prowess. 

Out now.


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