CHERITON – Little Late Little Love

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CHERITON (aka Nick Harrison) has long cultivated an infectious brand of indie. His second release, ‘Little Late Little Love’ leans on desperately relatable themes in impressive manner.

Based in London, the dreamy bout of hook-driven guitar-pop comes by way of So Good So Good. Echoey guitar, shining synths and, inevitably, standout vocals all combine immaculately.

‘Little Late Little Love’ centres on the hurtful end of a relationship. The desperate clamouring to regain something which once was, so to speak. It captures the inevitable emotion of romantic wastefulness: how could something so beautiful now be so non-existent?

Ultimately, the track beholds a clever ambience, one which makes it so re-listenable. It follows debut outing ‘Parallel,’ a catchy, loveable outing. With an ability to blend themes and clever lyricism with relative ease, there is an undeniable element of storytelling within Nick Harrison’s soundscape.

Produced by Andy Hall (Bastille, Fickle Friends, James Gillespie), it precedes the release of a debut EP. 2020, no doubt, is set to be a fruitful year for the indie-pop artist.

‘Little Late Little Love’ is, undeniably, an incredibly well-worked piece of musicianship.

Out now.

Little Late Little Love on Youtube:


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