Trampolene & Peter Doherty – Uncle Brian’s Abattoir

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Trampolene’s Jack Jones is one of the country’s foremost wordsmiths. ‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’ creates an eerie dreamscape through sound and lyric.

Combining once more with longtime collaborator, bandmate and all round supporter Peter Doherty, the track sees the return of the Swansea formed outfit. With a new line-up, the enigmatic trio are engaging with new inspirations, sound and ethos. 

It’s repetitive guitar use has twangs of calmness about it, a lo-fi simmer to the main body of words. Its verse resembles something of a beat novel, Jones would no doubt have been in place amongst even the finest mid century poets: Kerouac, Ginsberg and fellow countryman Dylan Thomas. 

The inner beauty of Jones’ poetic ability combines with a chorus quintessential of Pete Doherty’s nonchalant grasp of vocality. It simmers with creative attachment, second nature to the legendary frontman. Etretat is famous for Monet, an artistic recluse so to speak. It is no wonder Doherty chooses to spend his lockdown there. 

Trampolene have thrived in a circle of bands including The Libertines for much of the past five years. Drawing influence and a whole wealth of live appearances, one must assume that the 2020s will be fruitful for the trio. 

Out Now.

‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’ was filmed during lockdown in Swansea and Etretat respectively, edited by the wonderful Katia DeVidas. 


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