Now Ex – First Light

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East London’s Now Ex are in pursuit of a sound both enticing and otherworldly. Nick Hampson and collaborator Harry Brokensha combine once more in newest single ‘First Light.’

The release bears an element of weightlessness, one which mimics the aura of struggle and vices. It’s exciting dark tones reverberate from the alt-pop synths in an exciting manner. The track explores the feeling of feeling minimal  in the big city whilst pursuing hedonistic escape. 

Having met at University in Oxford, Now Ex form just the newest project for the duo having previously delved into the world of cinema and performance. Glued together by Hampson’s versatility, it is clear that their orchestral flare puts them at an edge to other contemporaries.

Speaking on the single, Hampson says: “The song explores the lure and pressure of escapism, hedonism, even right of passage, that goes along with being young in a major urban centre. It’s a thin line between the best night of your life and a cry for help, and so often they can seemingly intertwine.” 

With a debut EP in the pipelines, a clear musical vision is emerging. Now Ex appear set to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling. 

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