All Things Blue – Legend Of Chav

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All Things Blue are desperately likeable. ‘Legend Of Chav’ plays on this trait impeccably, amplifying the intrigue which already surrounds the Los Angeles based band.  

Opening with a whimsical guitar riff, it is the track’s colourful, expressive lyrics which give it strong standing. India Coombs flirts with garage-punk and psych-pop in carefree manner. The background sprit of psychedelia intertwines with the drunken routes of the song, initially born from a demo penned 6 years ago. 

Released via Terrible Records’ Flexible Distro, ‘Legend of Chav’ has garnered support from Clash Magazine, Dork, DIY and other forward thinking musical commentators. With that in mind, their debut album Get Bit (11th December) will enter the musical realm with even further expectations.

Speaking on the single, India Coombs said: “I actually wrote the lyrics for ‘Chav’ when I was about 16 after I read a story about Marie Laveau: a midwife and Voodoo practitioner from New Orleans. As for the name, our old drummer Justin Chavez cruised by the studio so we had him lay down some drumzzz and I told him he had to name the track, hence Legend of Chav.”

It comes as the band prepare for Get Bit, their debut LP. The album addresses gentrification, climate change, water waste and beyond all, love. At times ironic, these parallels make All Things Blue entirely unique and relatable to the younger listener.

“Legend Of Chav” is an awe-inspiring amalgamation of shoegaze come punk. It is ethereal in the truest sense…

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