Calva Louise – Trial

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Calva Louise’s latest track ‘Trial’ is thunderous. Eluding a more electronic feel, it is the natural progression for a band already overloading in promising releases.

Its opening verse is menacing in guitar and lyric alike. Jess Allanic’s vocals are by now instantly recognisable, a front-woman so prone to moments of musical euphoria. At times ‘Trial’ offers a sense of frantic experimentation, the metaphorical re-launching pad as they continue to sonically evolve. 

Calva Louise hail from Venezuela, France and New Zealand. Suited to record and venue alike, the trio are hypnotic at all times. Having garnered support from BBC Radio 1, Clash Magazine, DIY and more, the band’s musical freedom and ability sets them apart from many contemporaries. From EP artwork to thundering percussion, there is a constant sense of individuality. 

‘Trial’ builds on the most recognisable of Calva Louise’s musical style and would be a serious contender to soundtrack a cyber-punk video game or even a Space X launch. Truly otherworldly!

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Image Credit: Bobby Bentham


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