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PVA are delightful, London’s ‘numero uno’ when it comes to dance tracks. ‘Talks’ is emblematic of their sound, and a celebration of everything yet to come for the trio. 

Their latest release is entirely atmospheric, deep delving into a world of game and hiding one’s true expressions. Best suited to the live venue, it offers somewhat of a less serious, semi-fictional take on characters within a video game. As the world is gripped in pandemic and recession, one needs music to act as an emotional outlet of escape.

Produced by the ever impressive Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground), the track comes as the band announce their signing to Ninja Tune. Speaking on their new deal: “The music that has come from the label is incredible and includes some of our favourite releases. We’re very happy to now be a part of it.” 

Having secured the support of South London contemporaries and industry alike, PVA are set for a mesmeric 2021. With the pandemic showing no sign of hindering their ever-growing, eclectic back catalogue, ‘Talks’ appears one of their most intriguing releases to date. 

The disco-punk outfit are set to release upcoming debut EP ‘Toner’ on November 20 via Big Dada. 

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