Why we need music TV in the age of pandemic

One of the true, and few, highlights of this year’s earlier lockdown was the resourcefulness of artists around the globe. One of the ways they channeled their creativity was through online content, especially in the form of live streaming. 

The pandemic has stolen one of the true loves of the music fan: the gig. With the return of live music as we knew it in the long distant future, now marks the perfect time for music TV to relaunch. 

At the time of writing, Apple Music have announced the launch of a music video station. Apple Music TV is available to US subscribers via the Apple Music app and acts as a free 24-hour curated livestream of the most popular music videos. In addition, it will host curated music video series, live shows and events alongside interviews with guests. 

“A new format of music television could go some way to replacing the community centred brilliance of a live event.”

In truth, the new venture is a mere slight improvement among its contemporaries. As the humble music video edges and frays in popularity on a yearly basis, its current TV format is stale. Most British music TV channels are limited to barbers and at a push, gyms. The popular version of the format is entirely online. 

But with the absence of gigs comes the opportunity to reform the concept. A forward thinking new music channel would do away with music videos, but instead focus on live sessions, interviews and debate shows. Think Sky Sports News but for music. 

As traditional television is gradually becoming more and more obsolete, this new venture must be hosted online. Perhaps within an existing platform such as youtube or even within its own app. Of course, one could create a sense of nostalgia and team up with an existing TV channel and host standalone shows via that route. Sky Arts or Channel 4 perhaps? 

What is the benefit to this? A forward thinking music TV concept will bring new viewers to emerging artists in a way not seen since the closure of most music venues. It already looks like many of our most favourite institutions may not return post pandemic, thus we must continue to think of new ways to keep our cultural industry alive. Alongside this, a music TV channel has the ability instigate debate, create community and bring expert analysis to music in a way never seen before. 

It might not be a true replacement for gigs, but the creation of a new format of music television could go some way to replacing the community centred brilliance of a live event. Until their return of course!

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