Recording spaces remain open for Lockdown 2.0

In a rare instance of welcome news for the music industry amidst the global pandemic, the government has this week confirmed that music studios and rehearsal spaces can remain open during the second lockdown. 

Confirming via a series of tweets, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden defined the spaces as “places of work.” This extends to arts venues too, though audiences are barred, understandably. 

The previous lockdown hit our industry hard and, though artists found unique work-arounds, we have often reached a bottleneck in turns of new music releases. Those at grassroots level have been especially hit. At such a pivotal point in ones career, the inability to create some kind of professional momentum seriously hindered the existence of many new artists, especially bands. 

“Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden defined the spaces as “places of work.” This extends to arts venues too.”

With this in mind, the news allows for a certain amount of flexibility amongst new artists. The offshoot is an obvious chain to the music industry’s ecosystem, one which will no doubt have financial benefits moving forward. 

However, it is the ability for musicians to continue to practise, record and live stream which provides relief to fans and industry alike. Artists who may have disappeared from an already depleted musical environment now have a new lease of life. 

The situation is ever evolving. In this case, somewhat surprisingly, the government have made a positive step in the right direction. 

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“Pirate Studios” by Scouse Smurf is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


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